Thirdstepguy meets Steemit ...

Hello Steemit community. I am the "thirdstepguy", aka "3rdstepguy". I am a licensed professional counselor (LPC) that lives in the Hill Country of Texas, USA. I have been a professional counselor since 2002, and have had an "inner-healing prayer ministry" longer than that.

My mother struggled with alcoholism for much of her adult life which greatly affected her and our entire family as well, which was part of the "push" that has led me into this career. I look forward to providing you all with free information about addiction, treatment, and recovery as I can, as I don't want anyone or their family members to have to suffer thru the "hell on earth" that my mom and our family went thru in her addiction.

I have other resources of information for you to check out at my website:; as well as at my YOUTUBE Channel: "3rdstep guy".

Have a blessed evening!



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