Talk About Your Hobby | Steem Sri Lanka 3G Contest Series| Week 05 | Can listening to music change your behavior for the better

Hi my steemit friends ….!

Your mind can be changed through hobbies.

Listening music’s, it is paying attention to the words and sounds. My hobby is clearly bringing out my love for music’s generally. In the past time every day I listening to music’s, but I missed it again listening to music’s has become my new hobby. There are many things and not only material, without which a person cannot imagine his life. In my busy lifestyles, one of these things is music’s. When I put on my headphones and I feel I drive into the other world.
Also listening to music takes the stress away from my mind. It is helpful to relax my mind. It is heart healthy any elevator the mood many researchers found that blood flows more easily when music is played and also it helps to manage pain relievers symptoms of depression like that.

In my life referring mind is better for me music is helping me to express myself. It feels good for me. In my official time it builds my confidence, because there is no struggle in my mind and I feel my mind is relaxed. The important thing is it helps me to become a good listener. As an engineer it helps me to manage my workers and become a good leader for them.


There is no special, about songs, I listen to many genres. I mostly like to listen traditional songs. Music has many different meanings to it. In order for me to understand a song, again and again I listen to it. Music is my passion and I think my addiction is music. I cannot sing but I just love listening to Music. Liking a song become about by the words of the song, very few people have musical ear, but I think It is the best hobby for every busy person like us.

While working....

Thank you going through my article
Have a Good day for you!

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28.03.2021 15:13

Thank you ...

29.03.2021 10:42

I love listening to songs too
Specially EDM stuff..

Thank you so much for your participation. This is entry No.04

29.03.2021 10:24

You are welcome ....I will participate next Contest also.

29.03.2021 10:43

Great article brother!! And also I 'm interested with this hobby

31.03.2021 04:07

you are welcome malli

31.03.2021 04:14

Nice article brother!!! I must say that you can sing as well!!!

01.04.2021 18:28

ha ha haaa...really....

02.04.2021 02:45

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02.04.2021 19:29