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Asbestos is a naturally occurring material around our environment. It is consisting with highly durable, thin microscopic fibers that are thermally and chemically resistant. Asbestos is a very popular material in residential, commercial, construction and industrial applications. It is one of the most suitable fibrous material use to make corrugated roofing sheets where the fibers will strength the corrugated shape. Also these fibers will absorb the heat, energy and resist thermal and surface cracks.


Furthermore, asbestos is a popular component in many different types of roofing products, ceiling products, various pipe coverings, insulation materials, foundation cement components, and in many other building materials. Due to resistance to corrosion and weathering qualities of asbestos, roofing materials made out of asbestos are protected against extremes of temperatures.
Despite the above-mentioned qualities of asbestos, at present many epidemiological pieces of evidence have shown that people are more likely to experience asbestos-related-health-hazards like Asbestosis, Mesotheliomas, Pleural effusions, Lung, GI, Colorectal, Kidney & Brain Carcinomas due to the exposure of high concentrations of asbestos fibers, that are carcinogenic. Thereby, most of the asbestos products are currently banned from Sri Lanka & the implementations of asbestos alternatives have therefore become a major paramount for many manufactures worldwide.


At present, almost all countries tend to ban this material after knowing its harmful aspects.

During my higher studies at the university, I got a chance to do my final year research based on the alternatives for asbestos roofing sheets, Where I came up with the following alternative for the roofing sheets. The alternatives are as follows;

  1. Coconut fiber roofing Sheets
  2. Bamboo fiber roofing sheets
  3. Rice sacks fiber roofing sheets
  4. Buckwheat leaf fibers
Corrugated sample roofing sheet using the coconut husk fibers

So, during my next articles I hope to discuss about these alternatives more deeply with all the lab tests, way of making the alternative corrugated sheets etc.
Thank You!!!

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05.05.2021 16:04

thanks for sharing this. I was wondering whether these alternatives are actually used in the market? how durable are they?

05.05.2021 19:39

According to my research final conclusion, coconut husk fibers will be a very good replacement.

07.05.2021 18:33

Thanks for the recommendation

07.05.2021 20:21

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06.05.2021 04:21

Thanks for shearing knowledge about harmful of normal asbestos and I think sri Lankan government also try to banded import the the asbestos in 2016.
Unfortunately we didn't got best result from that because business mafia.
I think still peoples don't have knowledge about harmful of asbestos and shearing post like you will help for the better future..


06.05.2021 05:47

I think to protect people from such diseases, the relevant government should take the necessary decisions to overcome these problems.

07.05.2021 18:36

I also have studied about the Asbestosis disesase affects to people in Asbestos manufacturing industries through micro fibers. It will be really useful if we can focus on above natural alternatives on behalf of people's health as well as new and local manufacturers.


06.05.2021 06:02

With the use of the above alternatives, I hope to continue my research to find new ways to replace asbestos.

07.05.2021 18:41

@thimalteb, Timely topic to discuss. But need to get the attention from the society. As a professional we are here to do that. Like this post.

07.05.2021 08:10

Yes, of course. If I have time I would like to share this information with ayone.

07.05.2021 18:43
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08.05.2021 21:46

Even though asbestos is used in many houses as a roofing sheets in our country, it is very harmful to our respiratory system. The asbestos dust will cause a disease called Asbestosis which attacks to our respiratory system. 😪👎

It is a timely requirement of the government to ban these roofing sheets meanwhile promoting alternatives as you mentioned here. ✌


10.05.2021 18:06

Also, These tiny asbestos fibers will cause lung cancers.

10.05.2021 18:40