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First off, I want to let you know it's an honor and a privilege to be before you all. I have great respect and loyalty for this community.

I would like to thank @blocktrades & many others for stepping up to create Hive. I must admit, I have never seen such a dedicated group of talented, freedom-fighting people doing what they love. It's been an experience and has given me new wind at a much-needed time. I have great admiration for what you are all doing on your journey.

And last but certainly not least, I would like to thank you, this badass community for all the support and having my back even when things looked their bleakest. I would even like to thank you, @Justinsunsteemit, your blind rampage of our home awoken something deep in the hearts of everyone here. You've awakened the Hive.

I regret to inform you all this will be my last post on the Steem blockchain.

STEEM has died today. My fight for STEEM is over. Long Live Hive.

I come to you with my head held high, as all of yours should be. We fought a vigilant battle. Things quickly got out of anyone's hands and if it wasn't clear yesterday, today it's clear there is not even a 1% chance to reason with Justin Sun.

I was/am prepared for glory. I believe we achieved it in a miraculous way, STEEM may be dead but what made STEEM what it is will continue. There is no glory in STEEM anymore, just an empty shell.

I & several others made every attempt humanly possible, we spent too many fruitless hours fighting a corrupt battle that was impossible to win from the start.

The writing was on the wall, it just takes me a while to read it. I feel there is nothing left to be gained from the fight for Steem. Any further efforts to fight for Steem are efforts wasted to support Hive. I'm known for being very hard-headed and stubborn, and even now I know, it's time to go.

We let the world know we won't go quietly into the night, we stuck together, and here we are at through it all, rejuvenated and inspired.

Steem lost US, WE didn't lose Steem. We are walking away, peacefully.

Blockchain is simply an open-source code run by voluntarist. No one is obligated to run code they don’t want. That’s why your actions matter in the blockchain world, it’s run by free people who will turn the other cheek, in a nonviolent way. Let it be known, no community was bought here today. Quite the opposite, our community is as strong as it's ever been.

It felt weird to hit the powerdown button today, it was my first time ever doing so. My full focus will be to support Hive moving forward.

Cheers to the continuance of the decentralized dream.

STEEM is dead, Long Live Hive.

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