Some #YANGGANG Stats.

I am running a Andrew Yang + Steem awareness campaign to help the censorship he is experiencing by mainstream media. #LetYangSpeak




That is over 45k Views for Steem & Andrew Yang in 2 days from only 3 #YANGGANG tweets. Social media marketing works, when done right. Catching trending topics that help both the person, in this case Andrew Yang, we are raising awareness for him while simultaneously promoting Steem, the type of platform he champions for in his debates, awareness is key. (notice the lower left of each pic, I tried to use advertising, and I tried to apply for the business boost, but instantly denied without reason.)

Twitter gives us the power to talk directly to these people. Let's take advantage of this while we can!

If you haven’t written your thoughts on Andrew Yang, using the Steem hashtag #yanggang – if you have time please do it when you can, thanks!

Get a big upvote for your work, read here:

Post Beneficiaries: 50% @sbdpotato / 50% @steem.dao

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Why isn't the advertising working? I hope this isn't deliberate from Twitter, anyway it's been amazing, I hope More people will participate in the campaign I think 100k views is still attainable by the way.

23.11.2019 20:23

It must be because I promote Steem. It is really messed up IMO, they make it so new technology can’t advertise. That is why we need to work twice as hard to get the same results normal people do. Something I’m willing to do.

23.11.2019 20:27

So there's no way to get past it? Wow that's crazy, so we Just have to work extra hard and twice as well too, well you said it all it's something others should also be willing to do. Keep up the work Dan, it's been turning out good

23.11.2019 20:35

Looks good. Tomorrow I fly with advertising because I have a day off from work.

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23.11.2019 20:31

I am writing a good article on Yang & Steem, hopefully tomorrow I will post it. I checked my twitter account today, twitter has suspended it, I was not using it for quite some time. I have to appeal again to lift the suspension. So will a Steem post work(it will be of high quality)??

23.11.2019 20:45

45k+ is good. But we need more. I have done my part- written my post in Steem and shared the link in Twitter. I think the trend will set and become more trending in coming days. Let this awareness spread to every corner of online social media. Let the decentralized voice be heard.

23.11.2019 20:53

Agreed. Let's push!

23.11.2019 21:00

I think I am late. Can I still write about Andrew Yang? How much time left to submit in #yangagng?

23.11.2019 20:55

No time limit, this will be an on going campaign. I am working on a Hong Kong one next

23.11.2019 20:59

...the type of platform he champions for in his debates

Yet he is not here? Is there some other platform he is using that he champions for or is he just ignorant?

I am all for giving everyone a chance to speak and a fair playing field - especially in politics. Unfortunately in the case of Andrew Yang I think his UBI is a Trojan Horse. Hopefully Americans will be smart enough to see right through it.

24.11.2019 01:04

I feel we should give people a fair chance, and it is up to the American people to decide if Yang should be their president or not. Trying to silence people from consensus does not protect the people voting, it makes them soft and unable to critically think. Just like how in the USA you need to be an accredited investor to get great investing deals. They protect people from losing money, yet that is one of the biggest reasons 99% of people don’t have as much as the other 1%.

The reason he doesn’t know about Steem is the same reason 99.99999% of people don’t know about it, marketing!

24.11.2019 20:27

I totally agree with you about giving people a fair chance. I just find it a little amusing that he "champions" for the type of platform that we have here, but he hasn't done his homework. STEEM really is not that hard to find if you are actually looking for a platform that fits the description.

Considering the number of fanboys (and fangirls) that Yang has amongst the Millennial generation it really is surprising that he hasn't been tipped off about using better communication technology than his older rivals.

24.11.2019 23:30

Well, 45k is pretty good, @theycallmedan... Nice work! However, I think we need to push this number to higher heights.

Here is my help and I hope the post is helpful: Andrew Yang and his struggle to make not only the United States, but the world, in a more egalitarian and fair place for those who really need it.

24.11.2019 01:17

I have written the content and it’s two days and still not gotten my upvote none from you and as well as not from ocdb.

24.11.2019 02:54

You will, takes time to get to everyone and I need to let my SP recover so users can all get a fair vote.

24.11.2019 17:19

Social media marketing works

Only when the intended results are there.

24.11.2019 06:15

This man has some very interesting ideas. Even though his chances of winning are nil, it is important that he takes part in the discussion to try and get in a word with policy makers.

24.11.2019 11:48

Over here my hook and contribution to the cause.

My Tweet and my Post Enjoy!!

25.11.2019 11:57

Those same 3 tweets are now well over 100k views!




25.11.2019 14:49

I hope Andrew Yang will take it and if he does, it'll be a good news for us. :pray:

Thanks for the fine efforts.

25.11.2019 16:24

These stats are close to 300k views on just 3 tweets. Amazing results so far!

28.11.2019 19:13

Hi, @theycallmedan.

Here is my new contribution for you campaign:

This time, my main goal was to focus on his UBI philosophy. So, I hope it will be helpful

27.11.2019 18:44