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You must continually work on yourself. You sharpen yourself to carve the path ahead, Eventually, the weeds get thicker and your blade gets duller. You remember to stop and repair the blade, work on yourself in order to keep moving ahead.

Marathons, the hard times you endure you will appreciate in the end.

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09.01.2020 22:23

Upvoted 👌 (Mana: 0/15 - need recharge?)

09.01.2020 22:23

Hard times make us better in the long run!

09.01.2020 22:25

Very good motivational speak.

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09.01.2020 22:26

It will be a gradual process in 2020 for Steem I believe a whole lot will still work in favour of Steem and while I think this year might not be the year for that bloom I still feel that we've got to be resilient, keep up the work and do the needful for Steem. It's been a while since you uploaded a 3speak video.

09.01.2020 22:34

Things will get better bro and I'm excited about the future of Steem

09.01.2020 22:41

Ya I got the itch to upload, can't go longer than a month without steem withdrawals.

11.01.2020 01:31

There's plenty negativity about the platform and it makes me wonder. I run into people spreading that gripe all around the internet and it's baffling. Oh well, we Steem on.

09.01.2020 22:37

¿Steem 2020?

Unfortunately I can't watch videos due to my current sluggish internet connection. So, I didn't watch yours.

But just in case, over here the #posh message on Tweeter of what the Three Wise Men told me a few days ago. :)

09.01.2020 22:38

Sorry about the shitty internet.

09.01.2020 22:42

Oi! the shitiest internet connection you can fathom. But the real pain in the ass is; "I can't see how this situation is gonna improve any time soon." Ouch!!

09.01.2020 22:53

Sorry about the situation brother. In my area, we also suffer something similar. We only recently got 4G and even that one fluctuates.

09.01.2020 22:55

Yep! 4G mobile data plans are just insatiable bloody leeches since the Monthly Plan isn't unlimited. You gotta feed and recharge them with a new fresher bloody ca$h balance every two days. Holy Moly!!

09.01.2020 23:16

Been a few months since i checked your blog glad to see that you haven't changed a bit with the positive vibes 🥰

09.01.2020 22:50

As always must upvote. The way I see it now for steem is a slow grind to success.

However if speculation picks up a bit and steem pumps, Steemit, Inc will have huge amounts of cash. They won't mess it up the second time. Node costs are really low now, and won't increase by much.

A few months of selling will allow them to grow like they were before the bear and there's no ceiling once that happens.

09.01.2020 23:19

There is a lot of good things that happen for Steem with the prices rises. Upvotes become larger, attracting more users. More liquidity attracts more devs, esp with the WPS in place. More resources to buidl for witnesses.

11.01.2020 01:32

Now that was an awesome "welcome 2020, this is going to be our year" post!

Good to have you back mate and make sure you have a fast recovery. Hey, we need you strong around have the way to connect all the dots and turn even the biggest doubter to a STEEM believer.

Have a good one.

09.01.2020 23:42

Feeling better already. Let's get this!

11.01.2020 01:30

Needed to hear this today man, thank you for it!

Never giving up on this Steem stuff, but there are times I question my sanity lol

Good reminder to stay the course for everyone that has gone through rough time on Steem.

10.01.2020 02:13

Stay the course, it's never easy lol.

11.01.2020 01:32

happy 2020 dear brother, one day all steemian will be winner , thank for motivational talk, brother

10.01.2020 02:16

I am touched beyond words, people like who brings inspiration and positivity to this community.

Every one has their own rant in regards to how things are going on around here but give us words of inspiration.

In reality it is never easy, nothing in life is easy and perfect, so why not make aim to make ourselves better at something.

Upvoted to the max level, coz you deserve to earn those investment of course!

I wish everyone a wonderful day ahead!


10.01.2020 02:24

This was so empowering! Everyone needs to hear this! We all have struggles & challenges in life, but it's what should keep us going; forge ahead. I firmly believe we choose our inner reality & what energy we want to stay in. It effects our outer surroundings.

2020 is going to be an amazing year & a start of a new decade full of promise as long as we all believe & keep working for our dreams. It's all about action. I started #2020Vision because of this belief - self empowerment on the #steem blockchain,

Good to have you back, my friend. Happy 2020 & sending much pixie dust to you (the good kind, not the one you mentioned in the video ;) ).

10.01.2020 03:13

haha thanks for the good pixie and dust!

11.01.2020 01:30

🤣🤣🤣🤣 Anytime!! Haha

11.01.2020 01:53

One week ago I started a power-down: Am I wrong?
I'm listening to this video and I'll meditate on my completed marathons and my fears... LOL!

A huge hug from @amico \^_^/

10.01.2020 04:31
10.01.2020 07:40

Cheers mate.

11.01.2020 01:32

Glad I've stopped to hear you this morning.

10.01.2020 08:47

Dear friend, we are very grateful for your wise recommendations.
It is always important to renew, stop the march, see that everything is as it should be and continue, but if things do not go as they should, when we stop we will realize the error, we can correct it and move forward ... it is even important to check from time to time the compass to redirect the path ... Studying ourselves, I believe that the key is to know ourselves well, to know what are our aptitudes to develop those abilities, talents and skills, and then to take the right attitude towards life and move forward... thank you for your words of encouragement.
We send you a big hug and greetings from Venezuela

10.01.2020 11:17

Got you back after a long time.
Welcome on Steem

10.01.2020 13:21

This great motivation Sir, we must work till noon without complain as if a worker who doesn't demand pay, but the real time will appear. Thanks for your video!

10.01.2020 13:31

I listened to this. And I love it! May your blade sharper than ever now.

10.01.2020 13:33

almost two and a half year crazy ride full of up's and downs but not giving up for sure not an easy one from here on but the journey will be incredibly good : )

10.01.2020 13:56

I always enjoy your videos! Happy 2020!

10.01.2020 14:56

Thank you for sharing

10.01.2020 15:02

Thank you, for your positivity, @theycallmedan _/|\_

Yes, our inner work is never done & I've just posted a piece about The Hell of Negativity -- & How to Overcome It.

I hope you & your readers might enjoy it.


10.01.2020 16:36

This was very motivating and inspirational to listen to @theycallmedan, thank you very much for sharing it, and I am very excited about this year, Hapy New Year 2020.

10.01.2020 17:51

@theycallmedan funny that I also used an extraordinary fight in nature in my post today to speak to something similar that you speak about here.
The weak against the strong. It's a figment of one's imagination, as wisdom is the game changer!

10.01.2020 18:13

Mad inspiring bro! Was actually thinking of hedging my bags with btc over the next few months, but think I might keep running this up hill battle!

10.01.2020 18:18

Don't forget to grab a bottle of water when you can. ;)

11.01.2020 01:33

Thanks for an inspirational video @theycallmedan, you are right if we forget to work on ourselves and make sure that we are fit to perform, then we will just get dull and not be able to do very much, and as you said about this year Steem has done a lot of sharpening in the last year, and I am very optimistic about it's future, keep up your great work, it's awesome.

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10.01.2020 20:37

Thanks for the kind words. Happy 2020!

11.01.2020 01:33


10.01.2020 21:53

I love inspirational words like these, they inspire us to keep moving on life. I think everyone needs to read something like this at some point of life 😊

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11.01.2020 03:05


11.01.2020 10:06




Easy Onboarding with Wallet adresses


2021 we know :)

11.01.2020 18:58

Hi @theycallmedan

Your voice is like a magnet. Seriously. And I like to listen to your videos from time to time. It's obvious that you're very determined and self-disciplined person.

Personally as a former boxing coach - I've learned that not talented people but those who have 'never give up' attitude will most likely succed with what they do. Especially if they know how to distance themselfs towards their goals once every now and then. And to adjust ways of reaching those goals.

People like you are surely inspiration for many,
Yours, Piotr

11.01.2020 18:59

Hey, eres grande!!! Todo es posible!

12.01.2020 01:46

Superb Bro I Like It.

12.01.2020 05:25


12.01.2020 05:43

TY and Happy 2020!

12.01.2020 08:13

In life, we have millions of ways to make a living or do things you truly believe. You repeat the message we read often read on self-development books.

The most important is to do the things that bring joy to your life. Even if steem don't make it, I believe you will learn something from it.

12.01.2020 12:10


13.01.2020 00:27

I agree with you, @theycallmedan
It is necessary to work on oneself to make progress.
Have a nice year 2020

13.01.2020 08:41

Thanks for the post.

13.01.2020 13:31