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stake based voting over no skin voting. Who votes for upgrades in any blockchain system? Someone needs to pull the trigger and implement the code. The thing is, very few understand the code, and it is easy to get into a top dog popularity contest where people are afraid to speak up. Stake speaks for you.

if we Bitcoin had stake weighted voting the blocksize would be around 8mg with no segwit IMO.

Nothing perfect, if u try to wait for perfection u lose

application > general - text only, built for web 3.

One of the only

Dan L builds great blockchains.

own an account works cross-platform

free-market via frontends.

a lot of people are so afraid of being wrong they're never right.

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Threespeak really great community..just like it..
I join this community also..

01.02.2020 19:45

@threespeak, great free-speech decentralized platform. I wish to join back. @theycallmedan, thanks for bringing this issue up.

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01.02.2020 20:00

Getting a video error :(

01.02.2020 20:26

What device are you viewing from? Phone/PC and what kind please. Will pass info to dev team.

01.02.2020 20:43

What device are you viewing from? Phone/PC and what kind please. Will pass info to dev team.

Hey Dan! Viewing from desktop, google chrome ( Version 79.0.3945.130 (Official Build) (64-bit). Let me know what else you need from me thanks!

btw: this has happened before but I believe I come back and it works. I'll keep my eyes on it.

01.02.2020 20:45

@theycallmedan, In my opinion we can enter into the State Of Transformational Position when we can see what is happening one side of the line? And what is happening other side? One side push us towards the downwards state and other side empower us.

We are not seeing Masses in this Space because they Fear Of Unknown and they are use to Scripted Life. It's not there fault many of us tuned that way but it's important to awake to the Reality.

Different Vision brings the difference in life. Stay blessed brother. 🙂

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01.02.2020 20:46

I think the image and video is gonna be torrents. I can't see other solutions working. I can't see paying for IPFS and setting that up. It's still too centralized anyway. So, I see torrents. I'm gonna take a file ut it in my harddrive, let you put it on your harddrive, and if there's enough of us we'll even stream it.

01.02.2020 21:14

Agreed. Bitchute is becoming popular among authors who are too un-PC for YouTube these days. It's too bad that Bitchute users are totally dependent on the website. It is in reality a centralized service.

The problem with torrents is that if people stop using a certain torrent it can disappear without anyone seeding it. Just a quick thought: Perhaps the Steem blockchain could be used to reward users somehow for seeding files to keep them available. Integrating a torrent client with Steem front ends would enable Steem user to make posts that show videos.


01.02.2020 23:39

BitChute is a video hosting service founded in 2017. It was created to allow video uploaders to avoid content rules enforced on other platforms, such as YouTube. The platform accommodates far-right individuals and conspiracy theorists; with the Southern Poverty Law Center saying the site hosts "hate-fueled material". Some creators who have been banned or had their channels barred from receiving advertising revenue ("demonetized") on YouTube have migrated to BitChute.At launch, the site described itself as using peer-to-peer WebTorrent technology.

01.02.2020 23:39

That's what 3speak is working toward. Incentives for data storage.

02.02.2020 09:04

The way I see Web 3.0 going is a user will have let’s say for lack of a better word a wallet! The wallet contains your various keys and digital assets, your data and a host of other things you will need secured by your biometrics and you will just this wallet to hop between sites do what you need to do trade, buy, sell goods and services! By then the technology is developed enough that it starts to become second nature the way anyone now knows how to email

People are expecting miracles when we don’t even have the liquidity of Facebook to grow the space! Most alt coins don’t even have the market cap of a series A or B of a traditional start up and have the run way to burn and fail and while there’s nothing wrong with a sustainable business model it’s slow growth and people are now used to artificial growth in tech!

The right work is being done, it will take time and the user churn rate will grow along with it! I think as Blockchain grows and is intergrated to more products we start to normalize the ideas of data and financial sovereignty and drive the benefits home over time

Some of us need to be here to form the foundation! I’m just happy to be a part of it

01.02.2020 22:28

"Security is going to rise 100x."

I wrote a post about an idea for air-gapped Steem hardware wallets you might find interesting. In short, you would basically use the camera on a smartphone to transfer data (using QR codes) from an offline Raspberry Pi ($35) to the internet. I imagine these kinds of things will be commonplace soon™.

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02.02.2020 04:19