100 days of steem - THEUNION postulation to the community leader ~ steemPOD project initiative


This is a special occasion, as we have been encouraged to apply to the STEEM POD PROYECT initiative, we believe it is a great opportunity and we are pleased to see that the @steemitblog team is focusing on listening to the community and better yet, giving support those who like to support and work to make this platform a good place to share their content.

We are "theunion" a photographic curation project we have been living at steemit since January 2018, our motto is "the union is strength" and our mission is as follows:


We are curators of original content, we seek to encourage the creation of our own publications, we believe that authors who strive in the originality and creativity of their content deserve to be appreciated and remunerated.


We want to become a global project, where the authors are sure that they are supported, appreciated and rewarded for creating their own content, we want to make this platform the best that can exist, making a difference, and encouraging new users to create your own content, maintaining a healthy, original platform with your own content.


Our motto is "The Union is strength" we believe faithfully that united and having the same objective and with great support you will be able to make great changes; make a difference, create a before and after, solidarity, respect, equality, humility, tolerance and perseverance are some of the values ​​that we always have in mind.


We quickly became a fan of this platform and without much thought we dared to launch this project, the start was very hard but full of hope, we were clear that what we wanted was to support both users who already had time on the platform and new users that they entered and felt completely lost, that is why we implemented tutorials on spelling, photography, drawing, poetry, layout; We carry out live curations, we launch photographic contests, always striving to reach more users and be a help to them.

We have always carried mutual support as a banner, we have strived to encourage the creation of 100% original and own content, we believe that originality, freshness and creativity is a great advertising hook to make this platform an attractive place for investors and new users , making this platform even more known and used.

We believe we are a good candidate for a delegation, as we have years curating photographic content in English, French, Spanish and German, we have experience, willingness and commitment.
It was a great success to launch these initiatives because it gives us the opportunity to contribute ideas and work together to make this network stronger and more attractive, now yes we see the change and with great happiness we can say THIS YES IS A NEW STEEMIT.

We hope that our request is accepted thanks for the attention provided.



Meet other community members and receive their support. Promote your steemit publications in our promotion channel, post-promoted, receive assistance and resolve your doubts. You can join our channel of discord by clicking on the image.


Delegation links for Theunion
25 50 100 250 500

After clicking on the link, you must accept the amount of sp, then your name will be included steemit user and your active private key and accept it. Remember to leave at least 50SP in your account.


Come and join this great community




@lourdeshd6 | @nicanor-mosquera

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Hi @theunion! I love your curation work and highlight others is to me a very noble thing to do. You have excellent writing and post-editing skills and your posts are really nice to read.

Keep doing what you do and good luck with your application!

Thank you for being awesome! You just got upvoted by the @steemingcurators. We are voting with the Steemit Community Curator @steemcurator02 account to support the best content on Steemit!

Want to participate in contests and challenges to earn more?
Follow @steemingcurators and also the official @steemitblog for info about Steemit and the Daily Diary Challenge! Share your stories on Twitter or others social media to get extra upvotes. Just comment the link in your posts!

We hope you like live music too because STEEMIT OPEN MIC IS BACK!

11.06.2020 00:55

Oh wow
We appreciate your words and support, we try to do a clean job, easily accessible and attractive to readers, we will be attentive to your great initiatives, again thanks for the support, it is a great incentive to continue our work, we hope to be accepted too.

11.06.2020 03:16

I love your selfless curation and the support of the community!

Make sure you add your application to a recent @steemitblog post so they know you want to be part of the POD program or Steemit Community Curation program!

Good luck and keep STEEMING!!

11.06.2020 00:58

Thank you very much for your appreciation, our motto is unity is strength and we faithfully believe that as long as we continue to support each other collectively, this platform will become strong and will have a long life and this it benefits all of us.
oh yes I will have that in mind, I will leave my link in the corresponding places thank you so much for the observation. @ciska

11.06.2020 03:24

Is this an application to become one of the Community Curators for July?

The STEEM POD is for specific roles such as Steem Greeter, Social Promoter, Community Leader etc.

13.06.2020 11:06

Oh sure, we would like to apply for community leader, for July curator we will upload another publication focused on the topic of curations.
Thanks @steemcurator01

14.06.2020 02:27