The Promise Is Good Thing

I shouldn't be a repeater
I always lived up to it.

Even in such a life, while being aware of the words
There are times when I will do it again.

Also, sometimes I tell you that I'm going to make a mistake and ask the other person.

Due to the nature, there is not much outside.
I only got it from newspaper articles or TV.
There aren't many topics and it can be forgotten.

Yesterday Lucky 2020's (A prayer from a nun in the 15th century)
My heart is frowning because I feel the same way

I think it is a constant wish of all the elderly.

Daily posts on amazon
In order to do this, I draw a picture without taking a rest all day long
I'm doing brain exercise compared to other old people
I'm sure it's better, but I can't fool my age.

's old friends call frequently
The story is dominated by dozens of times.

Listen to the widow for the first time because she knows the widow
It would not be bad for mental health to respond.

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