USP Labs Joins the Hi-Tech Pharmaceutical Family and Re-Releases Jack3D and OxyELITE Pro


It appears USP Labs has been purchased by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals. Not only that, but they are bringing back Jack3D and OxyELITE Pro, two products which were some of the most popular in their respective categories prior to being discontinued a few years back.

Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals announced on their Instagram account just about an hour ago, that USP Labs is joining the “Hi-Tech Family of Brands”. Hi-Tech then went on to say they are also re-releasing Jack3D Pre-Workout and OxyELITE Pro Fat Burner to brick and mortar stores and online retailers in the very near future. If you visit USP Labs website, which is a pretty spartan site, it appears Jack3D, OxyELITE Pro, and other USP Labs products will be available for purchase at My Supplement Store, Supplement Warehouse, Elite Nutrition, and Best Price Nutrition stores. It doesn’t appear that the brand is selling it’s products on it’s own site, at least not currently.


Both of these products appear to be all new formulas created in 2019, not the same old formula. It appears that the DMAA in the previous versions has been replaced with DMHA along with Geranium Extract. Back when these products were still on the market, Jack3D was one of the most popular and powerful formulas for bodybuilders and powerlifters, and OxyELITE Pro was one of the most effective and most popular fat burners on the market, so we’re guessing at least the first run will sell out fairly quickly. The shops mentioned above all seem to have both of these products available on a Pre-Order status set to ship later this week or early next week.


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