Raise your hand for plagiarism content

Hello @steemcurator01 & @xeldal sir, how did you vote in this post !!!!!! This post contains 80% content plagiarism but didn't any source . You didn't check this post because it was made by a country representative. You can check this post in this plagiarism checker tool .

Post link.

Applause .

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I think you're dreaming....

Furthermore those 2 accounts can use their stake however they see fit.

22.03.2021 07:45

😅 why they don't let me live peacefully

22.03.2021 08:04

Oh hi.. Why did you create a new account to find my plagiarism dear newcomer?

I don't need to check for the plagiarism of my own article that I wrote by spending 3h. 😁 And if you have time send me the link.

22.03.2021 08:00