Horrible Charges on road transport act - Bangladesh


The much-talked-about Road Transport Act, 2018 came into effect day before, it could hardly be enforced anywhere in the country due to a lack of preparation from the authorities, especially the BRTA and the police.

This act for me is good if the police cooperate people like wise #BRTA has to be helpful to release the driving license.

# Inside The Law

Earlier if anyone travel without license the fine was 500 BTD & now it’s become 25,000 BDT

According to act of 105, if anybody seriously injured or killed & if this has proved then serious action will be taken against or if not then 5 years jail & money charges.

Driving without registration of vehicle earlier the charges of 1000 BDT and now it has become 50,000 BDT.

Like-wise there are few more important changes came & simply we are hopping to get support all of us to see a proper transportation system in this country.

— the Sobuz

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