The RS5K Report #8


On the last The Resteemer 5000k...

Favorite Post

Cryptobrewmaster: Concept arts for an alpha release by @cryptobrewmaster

Second Favorite

Bernie Sanders- Expect Cannabis Legalization on Day 1 by @weedcash.rewards

Third Favorites

Yellowstone: Where god paints his masterpiece (part one) by @koenau

Runner Up

Pizza and Beer are a deadly duo 🍕🍺 by @daltono

Other Awesome Posts

Don't Plan To Miss This One! - STEEM POWER UP DAY 10 (SPUD X) - Feb. 1, 2020 by @justclickindiva

My ArtVenture: Pastel painting “The Mando and baby Yoda” by @stef1

Garden projects. A Mongolian Yurt construction, and a simple raised patio. by @leighscotford

Pedalling to Kosmaj part II - the finale by @svemirac

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We do not resteem racist, generally offensive, harmful, misleading, or otherwise bullshit content.

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That's because its my content and signature. Thanks.

05.02.2020 07:48

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1. Not posted from eSteem apps.
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05.02.2020 07:47

According to the Bible, Are Christians forbidden to eat Hare? (Part 3 of 5)

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05.02.2020 07:51

Thanks for sharing my post. Great service.

06.02.2020 13:36

Hello. Thanks for mentioning my post above for my SPUDX day. That was my first time participating, and I was excited. Although I didn't win (placed #7), I still enjoyed the experience, and plan to participate again next month

@thereseteemer5000 I appreciate your support and encouragement of my Minnow account. Have a good day.

07.02.2020 01:25


07.02.2020 07:30

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Hey @theresteemer5000, here is a little bit of BEER from @chunkysoupsvc for you. Enjoy it!

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