Wolf Witness Statement: Steem Protective Soft Fork 222

Today, on the 23th Februrary of 2020 at 10PM UTC, the majority of Steem witnesses have accepted a temporary soft fork (v0.22.2), which immediatly prohibits certain operations from Steemit Inc owned accounts.

This software update is temporary, reversible and no other accounts have and will be affected.

More information about the soft fork can be found in this post:


As a consensus witness & stakeholder, it is my N°1 priority to ensure the safety & governance of Steem, the blockchain.

As such, I've decided to run the proposed SF, with the goal to ensure the protection of Steem, which has always been threatened by the ninjamined stake, but even more so due to the recent purchase of Steemit Inc by an external party.

More information about the soft fork and the arguments around it, can be found in this post:


Personal Note

Over the past 2 1/2 years, I've invested sweat & tears into Steem. For the possibilities, this blockchain & community has given me, I'm extremely grateful. Which is why I believe that running the SF is the right thing to do.

I always had some kind of faith in things turning out okay. "Once SMTs & communities are here, we'll thrive" was my motto. But the more I looked into the early history of Steem and what I've witnessed over time, the more disturbed I became, regarding what went wrong.

Most importantly, how Steem was launched (ninjamine, chain-wipe, hyperinflation & co.) and how absurd the distribution was tilted towards Steemit Inc. owning the far majority of Steem. On top of that, how bad the outside image got, because of exactly this reason.

I trusted that Steemit Inc, or rather Ned Scott, would do the correct thing with this ninjamined stake, or rather what was promised in the past (Example: Youtube Video), as in using it to support Steem & its ecosystem, as well as distribute it to reduce the risk of centralisation.

But what I didn't expect, was for him to sell his company right when we were on the cusp of thriving. I could talk a lot about personal responsability and all of that, but that's not what this note is about.

The immense value Steem provides, is in part due to Steemit Inc, but has been mainly created by many, many community-developers, -entrepreneurs, -creators & stakeholders. And this is what we have to support & protect, starting with this soft fork.

As I wrote in the beginning of the post, this SF is only temporary to ensure that the ninjamined stake can't be used to maliciously attack our blockchain.

The goal is to find a mutual compatible solution with Steemit Inc on how the stake can be used to benefit Steem, without explicitely having to trust "words". Because, as we've seen now, words can easily be broken, code can not.

We are Steem!


If you agree with me on this, then please vote for me as witness to ensure the governance of this blockchain.

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I support this move. It’s a temporary, non-hostile action that simply covers the bases of all the incredible users, creators, developers, investors and businesses who have built a home here on the Steem blockchain. Thank you for both doing your part as a witness for Steem and keeping the rest of the community in the loop. 💪🏽

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23.02.2020 22:40

According to the Bible, The Mark of a True Witness: No More, No Less

Watch the Video below to know the Answer...

(Sorry for sending this comment. We are not looking for our self profit, our intentions is to preach the words of God in any means possible.)

Comment what you understand of our Youtube Video to receive our full votes. We have 30,000 #SteemPower. It's our little way to Thank you, our beloved friend.

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23.02.2020 22:42

Way to go guys!

There's an old Arabic saying (from the prophet Mohammed i think):

"Trust in God, but tie your camel"

Thanks for doing so.

Please consider the Matrix-8 Platform as a future system of governance for Steem. More here: https://steempeak.com/hive-174578/@atma.love/matrix-8-cube-spheres


23.02.2020 22:48

This is a very good idea/move towards the protection of the blockchain, it has to be decentralized rather than getting affected by an entity that can greatly influence witnesses in doing what the top 20 witnesses doesn't like.

23.02.2020 22:48


23.02.2020 22:50



US Military asked for this protective soft fork

25.02.2020 15:12


25.02.2020 17:54

Si todo la fuerza para que Steem esté en unos de los mejores criptomonedas. Fortaleciéndose la cadena de bloque.

23.02.2020 23:04

Thank you for all your hard work and the work of so many others to give creators like me a place to make a brand and learn about cryptocurrency. I actually made a lot of money on exchanges as well because of Steemit. I love you all and have always supported you <3

23.02.2020 23:37

Well said. You have been one of my favorite witnesses who is always willing to think things through and work for the best outcomes despite significant setbacks and very justified frustrations.

24.02.2020 00:11

Thank you, @smooth. An honour to read that from you!

24.02.2020 01:10

24.02.2020 00:14

So every time we get a big investor we'll fork his stake out.
Very smart approach.
What are you gonna do if he buys another 50M steem on exchanges?

Another fork?
But I guess there won't be a lot of big investors around anytime soon.
Sun will find a way to screw us over if he wants. Sure bet.

24.02.2020 00:47

This isn't about Justin or Tron. This is primarily about the Steemit Inc stake and making sure it's used for Steem and not against it.

24.02.2020 00:52

What if Samsung buys 150M steem from exchanges tomorrow. Would you fork their stake out too?

24.02.2020 00:58

No, of course not. It would be amazing if Samsung were to buy 150m Steem. This would most def. pump the price extremely hard and I don't think there is even that much Steem available for purchase right now.

Also, this has nothing to do with Tron buying the stake or with Tron now being a big stakeholder. It has everything to do with Steemit Inc and their premise on what the ninja mined stake was supposed to be used for. If Tron bought the stake, without knowledge of what it entails, well then there are going to be some problems we have to work out.

24.02.2020 01:01

No, of course not. It would be amazing if Samsung were to buy 150m Steem.

Well, it is about Sun after all.

24.02.2020 01:14

And he only bought like what, 40m Steempower? How much does steemit inc hold? I heard they have like 1/3rd of all staked steempower at one point, like im sure 100M but now im guessing 50M? Justin Sun should auto upvote the top #tron posts on steemit iun a fan, full spread photon torpedos, just make a GODL rush for anyone making TROn steemit posts, and use TRON accounts to verify people , so if people wanta sSTEEM wallket youll need a tron wallet 9I tried to do something similar with Steempeak and Telos )

24.02.2020 22:02

I asking myself, why the wittness dont make that in the time when Steemit inc and Ned was making a power down???? Why nobody made that time anything when they hurt us so much? There was only crying and hate that time, but none of the wittness was realy anyting to stop them that time....

And to be honest telling: How much did Steemit inc and Ned done that STEEM and SBD are on more exchanges? We as comunity did it by voting that we got on the list on new exchanges, not them! Or the development of the system goes further (faster) ? It was more as an milking cow for them. That little shitty UI updates... was for nothing in the past years.

If i am wrong, what i am remembering, that anyone can correct me, i am open for it.

But this softfork seems not the best way in my eyes. it creates more hate and fear. This is not what we want.

24.02.2020 22:23

@therealwolf, you been allways a good Witness with fairness and looking for non fight options, but that move to freeze the Stakes are to much, arent?

25.02.2020 14:18

okok but what iiiiif bill gates buys a trillion steem, will u fork?!

sorry felt like I had to point out how ridiculously hypothetical the previous examples were and he still didn't get the point of why we're protecting steem from this stake compared to say freedom/btrades/theycallmedan

24.02.2020 03:20

Well, I'm stupid and you're smart. All steemians know that but we'll see who's right.
I claim that this will have a bad outcome for steem blockchain and price of steem.
But I definitely don't want that, for sure.

24.02.2020 04:11

lol nvm, thought it was oldstone who replied

24.02.2020 04:24

funny how principles change, depending on who owns what, isn't it?
Why didn't the soft fork happen before with neds stake?

ah but that's different, it was based on trust.
But we are a trust less system.
(NPC head explodes)

....seems like I'm just as stupid as you...

24.02.2020 12:25

Proof of stake is the best.
As long yours or the one's who supports you is the biggest of course.

24.02.2020 20:08

There will be 0.35 steem heading into your account later - equivalent to 810 upvotes of my SPvoting power.

edit: (1,600 upvotes if you take the 50% curation into account lol)

25.02.2020 02:42

Fair point. And atleast Justin is bringing resources to the table, while Ned was a bit clueless and didn't even use social media

26.02.2020 00:32

Thank you. I even wrote an essay about how even robots like @penguinpablo make automated reports TELLING us how much steem is even on all exchanges and its barely 100M so yeah not even that much to begin with to even buy lol. and at that point no one wants to sell OTC for low prices, ur stuck payin market price. we are gonna be ballin one more or maybe 2 more 3 more times. fuck it steem will go up and down every few years for decades its gonna last as long as MATH is good and i doubt any quantum computers will be breaking basic encryption anytime soon. I see steem as good for centuries.

24.02.2020 21:59

Thank you. Yeah hes telling us to back up our data externally is somehow like offensive to the original hard drive manufacturer? LOL

I even wrote an essay about how even robots like @penguinpablo make automated reports TELLING us how much steem is even on all exchanges and its barely 100M so yeah not even that much to begin with to even buy lol. and at that point no one wants to sell OTC for low prices, ur stuck payin market price. we are gonna be ballin one more or maybe 2 more 3 more times. fuck it steem will go up and down every few years for decades its gonna last as long as MATH is good and i doubt any quantum computers will be breaking basic encryption anytime soon. I see steem as good for centuries.

24.02.2020 22:00

We are still samsungs allies, youre the one using their name to sow chaos and deceitful division in the community. DOnt be so dramatic. When we see TRX STEEMp on https://tron.newdex.io we will be very happy, and when STEEMP on tron gets pegged and bought by USERS on samsung pohones great but SAMSUNG doesnt buy crypto they make phones, youre a ll delusional about what it means for a big name brand player to come into the space lol samsung isnt some big whale who comes ina nd buys steem you boomer :D They make PHONES, The fact that they come with TRX wallets is the part that could LEAD to people buying TRX STEEM not some deal where SAMSUNg buys it lol

if samsung wanted steem theyd buy it on exchanges for btc so they could power up or theyd just get it DIRECTLY FROM @justinsunsteemit for an OTC deal hehe

24.02.2020 21:49

This is a stupid comment. What if Justin Sun buys all the SBD and pumps it to $1000? What if Apple buys EOS? what if Google buys Bitshares? DUde anyone can make up Whatifs... you sound like suuuuch a boomer but i guess itas in your name lol. Seriously tho ur comment is a lil irresponsible. 150M Steem? lol there isnt even that much on any exchange

wtf bro

there isnt even like more than 350 million steem or somethin like that, how would u just bought 150 million off exchanges? u can barely get 10 million off an exchange before pushing the price to Dragon Ball Z levels

its liek u dont get how steem works man


Year Supply Inflation New Supply
2016 250,000,000 9.50% 23,750,000
2017 273,750,000 9.08% 24,854,398
2018 298,604,398 8.66% 25,854,554
2019 324,458,952 8.24% 26,727,942
2020 351,186,894 7.82% 27,452,027
2021 378,638,921 7.40% 28,004,740
2022 406,643,661 6.98% 28,364,989
2023 435,008,650 6.55% 28,513,181

See? oh lets see how much steem is on exchanges



Theres barely 100m on ALL exchanges lol, so youd have to like buy all the steem on all the exchanges and then, get another 70 million or so lol. :D

Hey I hope what you say comes true. I doubt it because not enough marketing has been done and account bottleneck isnt there, we must have the faucets ready but, steem ninjsa was CLOSE< hah it may TAKE a few years liek honestly 2-3 years a few more cycles of boom bust for steem, its very very volatile and exhausting, too many asshoels get paid in the bull market and some shitty content gets upvoted, we need to stop acting like were social media we must become self aware and challenge people to come buy steempower to allow a steemcleaners style bot to be steered by Stake Weighted Votes, from whitelisted accounts, we will have the white list system soon, where youll stack up your whjite lists , i can smell it, p2p ID system

anyway im excited for steem, i just bought steemitron.com

24.02.2020 21:57

bruh i HATE that you are nostrafuckin damus

02.03.2020 21:27

youre so ignorant and your upvoters are just being dramatic. these gusy are 100% within their rights to create a fucking open source fork oif steem anytime they want. STeem is made of developers, people, not private keys asshat. You cant just buy a blockchain, he bought steemit inc, he didnt really buy any steem lol

justin Sun is a great investor and businessman, and youre using strawman style tactics to make us look liek we hate him and are being protectionist or somethin lol these aint no thought tarrifs, we are just backing up teh chain bruh lol

look up @golosclassic https://golosclassic.com aka https://golos.id

"For my next act, watch me cut these bitches off"

Just sit back and enjoy the infowar

24.02.2020 21:46

I like the move and letting people know they can't just come into steemit and have their way or the highway without a response.

24.02.2020 02:21

Good luck on protecting all of us through the soft fork..🍀🍀🍀

24.02.2020 02:55

This is why I believe in, and love the Steemit community! Thank you for this, and all the support!

24.02.2020 03:28

Remember this day in Blockchain History

24.02.2020 03:52

Words can be easily easily broken, codes does not

In Blockchain developing wise

Well said @therealwolf.

Posted using Partiko Android

24.02.2020 05:32

I agree with this move. It should of been dealt with before Tron bought Steemit. The initial plan, to make Steem a Tron Token can't be ignored. If something can be done to make a deal between Tron and the majority of the Steem community, this can work. Otherwise, we would have to trust that Justin has had a genuine change of heart from his original plan.

24.02.2020 08:27

thank you. i doubt the other side is gonna look at it as "non-hostile" but justin's recent communications related to steem have been nothing but "hostile".
so ultimately he brought it onto himself. should've made his tweets and intentions a little clearer.
i hope he does so in the meeting in march.

24.02.2020 09:36

I try to see it as chess moves. The misleading PR articles were a move. Now we made our move. And it seems that Sun made his next move by writing his recent Steemit post.

24.02.2020 11:56

yes but at the same time i think a lot of people are sleeping on the fact that chinese (or far eastern) style of communicating in business can often be vague and ambiguous (even misleading sometimes). maybe it was intentional, maybe not, who knows. at least justin shows more flexibility and intention to communicate than ned ever did. at least i'm 1% happy about that. i'd be really happy if steem and tron can co-exist, and i hope justin is open to reasoning.

24.02.2020 12:11

I am happy to see so many of you guys, our top witnesses, to really cooperate and stand for our blockchain and community when it is needed. I mean this is not just talks but a real action. Thank you!

24.02.2020 12:20

yeah im glad they are using "protection"

I wanna see lots of steem condom memes

24.02.2020 22:03

24.02.2020 15:46

The goal is to find a mutual compatible solution with Steemit Inc on how the stake can be used to benefit Steem, without explicitely having to trust "words". Because, as we've seen now, words can easily be broken, code can not.

Your last sentence in this post is by far the most captivating, especially the aspect that says the code cannot be broken. I stand with the SF and also advocate a common ground for progress. To all the witness that rose to the challenge of the SF, you have my respect. Cheers!

24.02.2020 20:35

Thanks for the post!

26.02.2020 20:32