Statement: 0.22.5

For the past 2 1/2 years, I've been devoted to Steem. But seemingly, this doesn't matter.

@justinsunsteemit, just took it into his own hands to vote in 20 own witnesses, backed by Binance & Huobi, with a statement that the SF 222 was malicious.

I fully disagree about the SF being malicious.

It was an attempt to uphold Steemit Inc (now owned by Tron) on their words & social contracts, they've given me and many other developers, entrepreneurs and Steem enthusiasts.

@ned & Steemit Inc. have proven that they were incapable of getting shit done and left it to their community to bring value to their project.

And when we, the community, finally thought, we'd see light at the end of the tunnel, we're being brought back into 2016. A Steem which is being controlled by a single entity.

I don't think of it as an absolutely negative thing, but based on the past 4 years, this is a major punch in the face.

Why did the community spent years on marketing & improving Steem, just for the useless founder to get a nice payday?

Steem would be nothing without its community of developers, entrepreneurs & creators.

Do you really think that Steem wouldn't have tanked far more and lost far more users, if projects like SteemMonsters wouldn't have kept people around, on Steem?

Look, I have nothing against Justin Sun (I was actually quite optimistic of finally Steem getting the change it needed) and I've always disagreed with forking out anyones stake (forking !== freezing).

But I also disagree with how we, the community contributors, are being treated.

So, for now, I've shutdown and

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damn, really liked smartsteem... why not keep it online and point your node to the fork once available?

02.03.2020 12:30

I always believe that Steem should be a community-driven platform. Justin Sun's acquisition took Steem a few steps back from decentralized governance and now this happened. I think it will be difficult not to be disheartened by this recent development.

@tipu curate

02.03.2020 12:32

Upvoted 👌 (Mana: 0/15 - need recharge?)

02.03.2020 14:23

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02.03.2020 12:33

I respect and support your decision to shut down your apps in light of the recent actions taken by the Justin Sun crew formerly known as Steemit Inc.

02.03.2020 12:34

Can we fork out, reverting to previous version?

02.03.2020 12:52

It's much more complicated then that...
But yes. LoL

02.03.2020 13:20

Fuck Justin. What a disgusting piece of shit.

02.03.2020 13:05

Why would you say such a thing?

03.03.2020 04:09

And you are a great steemian? If it comes to "a piece of shit" what about @ned or the rest who filled their pockets over the backs of many writers?

03.03.2020 10:09

Well shit..

02.03.2020 13:07

The best thing is just to split and continue our chain as usual.

02.03.2020 13:15

Without a solution to majority stake holder buy in's we would be just setting ourselves up for more of the same.

03.03.2020 02:48

Not more of the same but much worse.

03.03.2020 06:13

Yeah what you could do is instead of top 20 top 50 voting with an equal vote. But it's too late steem is gone tron is gone the exchanges involved are gone because it's all based upon trust and not 1 person control..

This isn't anymore it's clear all money and time everybody spend is gone like the bitconnect fiasco where 4 billion dollar evaporated.

04.03.2020 14:37

Yeah what you could do is instead of top 20 top 50 voting with an equal vote

Other Steemians have, recently, come to my attention who have voiced interesting ideas of moving forward with governance development.

My guess is that once the community is on the other side of this standoff that lessons learned will be coded into the Law.

04.03.2020 18:21

This argument is what every open source programmer could say about Amazon and other big box companies using their free and open software to make millions... Yet somehow, it's not always the case.

We build tools then toys because we love the sandbox

The capitalizing on open source developers hard work is an ongoing battle in the open source world,..
and well, from a philisophical standpoint, it's a losing one.

If you didn't want something to happen to the toy, you shouldn't have put the toy on public display

People like to break things others have made, sometimes it's to make it better, sometimes it's more malicious.... Who's to say, we aren't in their mind, we must wait until we've calmed down, and ask the 2 yr old, why they did what they did. It's that simple....

Investigation of facts, not assumptions. Also, knowing history is important.

Idk, I'm as shook as you honestly, but trying to be mindful of the past all the while.

02.03.2020 13:19

Who is the two year old?

03.03.2020 10:10

Damn, this has really got out of hand, I knew it wasn't going to be a smooth transition but not like this. It's total chaos now, so the town hall was all BS!

02.03.2020 13:52

Gute Entscheidung.
Hoffe es ziehen einige mit und machen ihre Projekte erst mal zu, damit die "Obrigkeit" mal sieht, wer hier eigenltich Steem am laufen hällt!

02.03.2020 14:03

Mich flasht es aber auch total, dass es mal eben überhaupt möglich ist, da irgendwelche Accounts/stake einzufrieren?! Oder hatte ich das falsch verstanden? Ist ja eigentlich nicht Sinn und Zweck einer Blockchain und wäre auch ein guter Grund da nicht weiter d'rauf zu vertrauen dass das save ist.

02.03.2020 14:37


Das hatte ich anfangs auch gedacht, dass es gruselig ist, dass man andere "einfach" so das Konto Stilllegen kann. Doch da es eine großteilige Einigung der dicken Wittness dazu braucht wird so was nicht jede Woche mal aus Spaß gemacht.

Und wenn wir unseren gewählten Wittness ned vertrauen können, dann sollten wir mal überlegen ob man noch auf der richtigen Plattform ist. :)

Doch was jetzt von Sun abgezogen wird, hat mit Demokratie bzw. Dezentralisiertem Netz nichts mehr zu tun, das ist massiv eine Community Anal Fisten.


02.03.2020 15:35

Ja, der setzt dem Ding ja noch eines drauf: Die obersten Witnesses hat er da mal eben platziert. Sicher "Selbstverteidigung". Konnte er sich ja auch nicht gefallen lassen. Aber damit ist das Argument, dass es eine Einigung braucht, wieder relativiert. Müssen sich dann nur die einigen, die man selbst dahingesetzt hat. Das ist wesentlich einfacher :-)
die Vorteile einer Blockchain damit ad absurdumgeführt.

die obersten 20 Witnesses mit je 3 Votes ins Amt geschickt

02.03.2020 18:58

If the fork does happen, will everyone get a share according to their stake? What will the exchanges say about such an action?

02.03.2020 14:48

We'd have to find ways to relist them on those exchanges because they're essentially new coins.

02.03.2020 14:54

Whoa, was just wandering what happened to steemapps, then read the opwn letter and now this. Hope we can somehoe de-escalate the whole shit. But on the positive side we and also the crypto community are learning a lesson also how exchanges are misusing their power and voting with customer funds.

02.03.2020 15:14

Only took @justinsunsteemit a couple weeks to literally ruin everything 👏

02.03.2020 15:30

He ruined it? In which way? He bought a sinking ship and from the first minute on he was blamed for everything @ned did!
Who actually gave him a chance? Instead a fork was stabbed in his back.

03.03.2020 10:07

Ned literally didn’t do shit. At any point in time. Nothing good, nothing bad. Ned was literally a ghost. Justin buys Steemit and immediately announces a token swap as if that is what the community wants and then it was all downhill from there

03.03.2020 17:35

The "problem" is it's his right as an owner and there's not much you can change about that. The fact is it is not realized yet and there was a meeting planned. Instead, he became a hostile welcome and motion of distrust.
Ned might have done nothing but that is not Justin his mistake, neither the fact ned filled his pockets, let Steemit bleeding and sold it.
I wonder what you would have done if you were the new owner, you received this frozen hostile welcome. I understand people are disappointed, angry, afraid etc but you can not blame @justinsunsteemit for it. He didn't start a war with an announcement only and didn't ruin Steemit either. Those who visited Steem(it) daily, wrote and commented are punished most. I hope something good, preferable better comes out of it.

I never saw an option to swap Steem to Tron. Is this done automatically?
If so Tron can be changed against Steem again if not here somewhere else.

I hope we all will, especially the small fish, lose everything.
I wish you luck here or elsewhere. Thanks for your answer. 💕

03.03.2020 18:11

I honestly hVnt followed this and didn’t even realise till today but I honestly feel steemit has improved the last week or so. Whoever is making changes at least there are some happening. The whole time I’ve been on steemit I havnt seen one change and then suddenly the user face becomes much more user friendly in days. This multiple photo upload and a few other things shows at least something being done.

04.03.2020 01:39

I used partiko that was user friendly. I am a mobile blogger only and there's hardly a way left for me to join now.

04.03.2020 08:01

Yeah I remember partiko being much better I just can’t take all the apps on my phone and had to remove a lot. They should rly change the interface on web to something more like partiko. Ono actually had a better user system.

04.03.2020 09:47

@ultravioletmag I hope someone will. I wish for something easy to work with daily. It's hard to keep all the apps needed on your phone. I struggle with my memory too. If you remove an app and install it new it saves memory too. I wish you a great day. 💕Posted with ![](

07.03.2020 14:05

I don’t follow so much who is in charge of making the changes but I definitely blame the fact nothing got done with it and it’s hard to use over people being lazy. There should be photos of your friends coming up on the side like Facebook. All I see on the main feed is really people talking about steem or the people with the most followers arguing about it. I’m more interested in seeing beautiful photography and art or spiritual posts but to try and find anything I like is like searching for a needle in a hay stack.

04.03.2020 09:49

You could follow communities about photography or tags #photofeed #shadowcontest #shadowhunters #takeapic #blackandwhite @olivia08 and @heartbeat1515 host a contest and there are photographers you can follow too. They joined a weekly contest too.
I believe there's dailypetphotography too and #featheredfriday and #caturday
I once wrote about it (tips) with my other account @wakeupkitty.pal

Before I used the dapp Appics. You post photos with it and add a bit text. I can't now because my connection is too slow. I really like this app. I believe you have to go to to ask for it.

I agree the posts I see in the past three days are not of my interest either. Witnesses, fights, scolding etc

It's better to focus on something else.

04.03.2020 19:04

Thank you for mentioning my contest here. I would love to have more participants.

05.03.2020 04:36

Generally speaking or for this one? Pity your contest is similar as @olivia08 hers otherwise you could host (if text is used 200 words or 3 photos) it as a CCC contest too. 💕

05.03.2020 08:04

I did it on purpose to make the contest as easy as it can be. I'm still trying out things to reach more of the communities by doing contest. We'll see how it progresses.

05.03.2020 08:57

There are many of these contest yours is different because you put a bounty on it. I wonder if it bites if you make a CCC contest out of it too. @olivia08 started with just a photo + some words as a comment too. It's easier for the host, perhaps for the participants too but it's a waste if you do not earn with it. A post makes it possible to earn a comment not unless a big fish gives you enough for a payout. If an entry is a comment you van also not give Trendotoken. I tried that. I don't know about other tokens and tips.

Happy day, keep trying. 💕

10.03.2020 09:32

It doesn't earn, I just want everyone to became active and happy receiving steem. This week the payout is not enough for the prizes but I'm happy I got 20 steem from @davidke20 in February challenge. Maybe if I have no good payout I will reduce the prize but I try to keep it the same.

10.03.2020 09:48

@olivia08 it's no problem to reduce the prize. At a certain point people should also join out of fun, because it is a way to promote themselves! It's not that we earn to fill other's wallets only. They have to work for it too and understand this platform is no longer a place (already not since two years) where you can make an income. If you from now on see it as a bit of pocket money, something extra. Perhaps Justin Sun can offer something better but I doubt it. Those who could live from it already left or beg other Steemians to help them. That is the reality. Set your goals like we did, save for you too. By hosting a contest you give people a place to be seen, to meet others and engage. If this is not already enough reward what is?

Let's be honest. I give a 100% upvote, pay for just joining, give Steem, trdo, comment, SBI and tip but I do not attract more people and most do not even say thanks and do never visit any of my posts and leave me a comment. That is reality, the true face of the Steemians here and why this is not a place to sovialize. I had a poll about that too but people do not see this as a social place. 💕

13.03.2020 06:34

I didn't earn much but I didn't lose a lot to if I'm able to actively post in a week, I'm still able to get back some of what I get. My earnings lesser but I'm happy with all the comments coming in. I'm happy to have friends to talk to about a lots of things.

I'm searching for a way I can do free mining for ethereum or bitcoin but almoat all I found need some payments for starting.

10.03.2020 10:44

Sorry about a late post of my contest. Life gets so busy in my end. 😢 But hopefully, I can make it this evening, if not, tomorrow. 😊

Thank you for understanding, friends. ❤

10.03.2020 12:02

Perhaps it is even attractive if you do not always give the same prize. I once gave 9 steem but you know what? People were not more motivated to join. I tried out everything. Asked about it in a dpoll too. The fact is most do not read the contest or it's rules at all or the theme and if a prize is changed they don't notice it.

These kind "contests" posts are work but people hate to read it. Happy day.


Ww wait for you @gingbabida.

13.03.2020 04:37

I'm trying to do a shorter post for contests because I also thought that the problem is reading. Reaching out is also one of the difficulty. I don't know how many people read every post that I wrote. If I remember correctly, previously there was a reader/viewer counts under each post but now there isn't.

13.03.2020 23:14

I cannot remember I ever saw a reader or view count although reading is not the same as a click on (accidentally) and leaving. It's not the place to read. Those who like reading might but most don't and do not like to write either. I was told one long post is better as many short but I do not agree. It only works if you are a big fish but in that case, you can write one or two lines too. People will vote you anyway and hope you vote back.
The attention span is short, 3 minutes read is too long for most. Many longer articles repeat themselves and I am sure the followers don't read it all. On the internet/blockchain you need to write differently. Mobile users keep scrolling and pc users don't like a screen filled with words.
At the moment I wonder how many are still active here. It feels empty to me.
Good luck with your contest. How long does it run? I tried to figure out about the first one but could not find it after a week. Now I can hardly search. It will get worse with the internet if all children need it instead of school.

16.03.2020 05:35

I once heard that a longer post is a better quality and will get more upvote. I believe that at first until I encountered post with only one picture fews words or few words only bit got votes higher than the longer post.

I don't know how to get votes from a whale even though I think few of my post got them. I was so into running to get more upvotes until one day I stop running and just went with the flow.

In truth, I became better because of engaging. I think this is the way. A better way. !tip

16.03.2020 06:10

I believe the only way to grow is engaging and via contests. If you visit someone and comment they might visit you too. It doesn't matter if it is just once. I noticed most followers do not follow you at all. Neither do I. It's an easy puck of reading content if someone you know shows up on your screen but I visit the ones who visit me or search for accounts of people I know. I wish I could do that more frequently but my connection is the main problem.
A contest is good to be noticed, show your name no matter if people read you or not. I tried it with short or longer content but I never earned more with longer content. I did notice the amount of words I use increase which means it takes me way more time.
What takes most time with me hardly earns unless I am on someone's list.
If you write more you might attract more people because you are not always writing about the same subjects plus most do not like to read much. It makes it harder to comment too. 💕

18.03.2020 19:00

I think we are facing the same situation here. I don't know how to be in someone else list. It's easier within the communities but just that won't be enough.

Writing does take time from 5 to 10 minutes for me. Visiting needs a lot of time amd the longer someone write the longer time I need to give replies or comments because I need to read it a few time to understand a bit better.

18.03.2020 22:34

Oh gosh I need one hour to write or more. Adding photos etc takes even longer. I wish I knew a way to be faster. Many times I see people write exactly the same just change a few lines. I need to read it several times too. If I do not understand it I copy the text and switch screens to google translate. With a slow connection this means I lost the earlier screen and have to start up the app again.
I manage but there must be a faster way.

Perhaps we should no longer read everything or translate?

If you stay in communities only you will not find much news, different posts and they rarely reward you. I search "new" not trending plus follow certain tags or read what others resteem etc. 💕

19.03.2020 15:37

I pre-write some of my post in my mobile note pads. By the time i want to post or schedule, I only need to edit a bit.

20.03.2020 00:09

I do that too and I add certain parts to it which I save separately. I guess you are at work. Enjoy it and have a good day. 💕

23.03.2020 07:24
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16.03.2020 06:10

Thank you for the tip. I wonder what will happen with it hive starts running @cloudblade?

18.03.2020 18:51
🎁 Hi @wakeupkitty.pal! You have received 0.1 STEEM tip from @heartbeat1515!

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13.03.2020 23:15

Thank you very much. I appreciate it. 💕

16.03.2020 05:25

Oh @heartbeat1515 you have a contest now?

10.03.2020 09:50

Yes. It's currently #7 with @wakeupkitty as a current judge. I made my sponsor a judge.

Here it is.

Come and visit 🥰

10.03.2020 10:51

Yeah I saw there is now communities havnt really figured it out yet I did follow some but I still don’t see related things on my feed. I follow some competitions but it just becomes a pain remembering the links and manually typing them in all the time. I just feel there could be a few tweaks to the interface that would make a huge difference in keeping people engaged. Esp lazier ppl like me! If I go on my news feed it’s not even my friends it’s jsjt random people promoting steem and people arguing or crypto predictions. I’m sure some people like these posts but it’s going to put off a huge potential audience. Steep shot used to be a decent interface but it stopped working properly on my phone. I literally have no space for apps could maybe do one low memory one max.

05.03.2020 09:52

I tend to find a tag or something and use it and think about it then forget it I just think there needs to be a favourites bar or soenthing or a top friends or relevant reminders in news feed I can’t believe how little has changed to make it better over the years only change I ever saw was the logo became worse.

05.03.2020 09:55

@ultravioletmag You could search on a friend's name that is what I do or I follow a certain tag and read what is new. Never trending but new. ❤️Posted with ![](

07.03.2020 14:36

I just found the communities and that Seems to be the answer it’s soooo much better as get more aligned stuff now it seems on feed. It makes all differnce as I just never engaged on posts before as generally try to avoid arguing about steemit lol and they were most the top posts.

07.03.2020 17:56

Great you found them. The communities are not new, always existed and have their tag next to a hive number. I wish you a great time. 💕

08.03.2020 07:04

Reallt how long have they been there? I mean I remember ocd as thing but not the community sedition’s.

08.03.2020 09:39

Als Hardcore Steemian wuerde ich sagen dass wir alles bekommen haben was wir wollten. Communities und SMTs werden noch fertiggestellt und jetzt liefert Justin Sun die Vorlage um endlich den Ninja mined Steem Anteil aus der Blockchain zu forken.
Was uebrig bleibt ist der Hardcore Steemian User mit einer besseren dezentralen Infrastruktur welche endlich nur von den Usern kontrolliert wird.
SMTs und Communities bieten viel Entfaltungsmoeglichkeiten fuer die Zukunft um diese neue Chain weiterzuentwickeln.

02.03.2020 16:05

Ok. I am not a developer not even a good content creator.
But lets see what we have:

  1. We have a tron developers and steemit inc. Team.
  2. Justin sun have money to make nice changes
  3. With this move he make the platform more centralized for sure, but if he wanna sucess and he make those positive changes what steemitblog mentioned in the roadmap than it means millions of users will join so they will have a steem power as well so this situation where we are now should not takes long.
    This is how i understand the situation but maybe i am wrong.
02.03.2020 18:56

So you played your cards first and he doubled down and spanked you it happens lets not be sore losers.

02.03.2020 19:08


02.03.2020 23:40


03.03.2020 09:00

Steem is dead. Stick a fork in it. Long live Steem Classic.

02.03.2020 19:10

I disagreed with the softfork, but agree with your current action.

I think we need to fork with some big changes. Here are what I'd like to see happen.

We need to scrap the witness hierarchy, increase the nodes to an infinite number and eliminate weighted stakes for voting on governance issues. This would make Steem or the forked version truly decentralized and this type of coup would not happen again.

Nodes, not witnesses.

02.03.2020 21:49

To my understanding the exchanges powered up a ton of liquid Steem that belonged to their clients and voted with it.
Is this legal ?? This Steem is now locked up and will take 13 weeks to power down. What happens if their clients want to remove their Steem ??
Want to make a bet that the new witnesses do a fork to allow a quick power down ?
Seems to me that Sun and the exchanges have exposed themselves to a fair amount of legal trouble and depending on the country, criminal charges as well as being a giant bag of dicks.

02.03.2020 23:09

Thanks for the info @allmonitors lol
I missed that post but saw that coming, can't have that Steem that the exchanges unethically/illegally powered up and voted with locked up for 13 weeks.

03.03.2020 00:37

Yup. That's what you get for doing business with "The Chinese" (especially ones whose dapp focus is gambling (with totally shady (scammy) features (I've now analyzed several of them since the takeover). As soon as I have a Chinese person (from mainland China, specifically) had bought Steem I hit that giant "power-down" button with vigor, as a precaution. Now my only hope is that the system remains functional for long enough to get my remainig 12 weekly power-down payouts, which I will put into @Splinterlands. If Steemit survives I will still use it for the communities, and to make a little money for Splinterlands cards. I think dapps like Splinterlands are ultimate the BEST thing that came out of this platform (in terms of long-term viability).

03.03.2020 04:59

There is bad Chinese people and there is bad Russian people... But there is also good people from those countries... All my projects so far have been funded by Chinese investors, never had problems with them as long as I have talked Chinese with them... Try talking English with them and you become nobody...

03.03.2020 21:23

All I will say in response is: I wonder what the world would be like without 'The Chinese"? (define that term however you would like). And judging from history, I am not the first to WONDER about such issue (define that statement however you would like)...

04.03.2020 15:14

USA wouldn't exist and instead of the big US companies we know now there would be more big Chinese, Taiwanese and Singaporean companies.

04.03.2020 15:30

try to get everybody to withdraw steem from exchange. that is all we can do to help steem network

03.03.2020 06:18

For the past 2 1/2 years, I've been devoted to Steem. But seemingly, this doesn't matter.

lol you have been devoted to gathering as much Steem for yourself, as you possibly could. Nothing else.

03.03.2020 04:08

This exactly! Go fork yourself wolf

03.03.2020 08:59

Justin think he is an mastermind who make everything right but literally he is fool and he is nothing but playing with his millions of invested in steem and at the end he just want an another pump in tron so that he can sell more tron at high price

03.03.2020 05:58

try to get everybody to withdraw steem from exchange. that is all we can do to help steem network

03.03.2020 06:19

Sun is now WARMING the steem and crypto space. ....... with some old witnesses.
Anyone can reach at top 20 witness but they should have the power... steem power.

03.03.2020 06:25

In your post 8 days ago you said that you fully support soft fork. In this post, you said that you were always against forking or freezing anyone's stake.
what I'm missing here?

03.03.2020 06:25

Nothing he has always been a duplicitous douche

03.03.2020 08:59

Seems like he basically did exactly what the top 20 witnesses (that the community voted in) tried to prevent... Sound like you guys had the right idea in mind trying to protect us!

03.03.2020 07:14

What a mess this all is. And the little fish are simply caught up in the turbulence which, I hope, will not turn into a rip current. I to hope that sanity will prevail. Not that I'm really sure what that is, in this instance. lol

All this does beg the question - in the context of a social network: Did he not consider that fact: social = people = conflict. Good and bad. Ignore it at your peril.

I will say that I was snowed - as were many and am grateful for witnesses who keep an eye on things - and the integrity of the blockchain. Thank you.

03.03.2020 07:53

I admired the initial (calm and well-thought) reactions from the community, including the SF. The more I'm now shocked by this severe step that @justinsunsteemit and the exchanges have taken. The backlash is already big, but will grow much bigger with more time.

Blockchains, as much as token holders like to think that, don't belong to token holders. They are owned by the people running and using it. Should there be a HF with no Steemit stake, any user could decide by themselves which one they prefer. I believe there would be a ton of users supporting this. Not suggesting that to happen, though, there are still other ways to save Steem.

03.03.2020 09:08

It's your right to shutdown what is yours, take your money and run, invest in something else or buy beer and chocolate.

You can not blame @justinsunsteemit for the mess others made out of this platform nor for you not getting what you want or expected.

@nathanmars and many tried hard to make something good out of this platform. Not only those who developped an app, promoted Steem but especially all those writers who decided to stay, to keep writing although they do not have most benefit from it, are hardly noticed.

That soft fork was a dirty trick. You wouldn't like me to frozen your banksaccount etc either just because I fear you will get me or kick you out.

If a business is sold you know changes will be made and heads will roll/cut off.

It was your free choice to invest in this sinking ship, weeks ago a certain group here already knew Steemit would be sold, and it was my choice too to stay.

I will stay and see what @justinsunsteemit makes out of it. He has my trust, more as @ned had.

The witnesses with their soft fork created this situation. That's how I see it. They told Justin exactly what their fear was, what they would do and thought they could get away with it.

You can be disappointed because with your help you filled someone else's bankaccount but you knew that was the case, you know this platform way better as I and most steemians do.

I wish you luck with whatever you do or go.

03.03.2020 10:25

@mtl1979 what a coward you are for voting freedom of speech. Thank you! 🥳

04.03.2020 08:23

As a CEO of a cryptocurrency company, I have every right to vote... I have said many times lately that @ned isn't any better than @justinsunsteemit, but that doesn't mean Justin is a martyr.

04.03.2020 13:55

@mtl1979 Who says he is? Btw neither are the witnesses!
What your function is has nothing to do with the right of freedom of speech or voting.
Thank you for taking the time to answer and explain your downvote. I appreciate that. I wish you a great day.❤️Posted with ![](

07.03.2020 14:09

I was just saying that whatever new owner decides to do with Steemit and the blockchain behind it, affects every company that uses the platform for marketing and/or communicating with potential customers or associates.

Of course Justin Sun is not a martyr yet, but it is obvious the community tries to do everything they can so that Justin Sun can't do what is his right as owner of Steemit Inc. Every company has by law right to protect their property and assets.

07.03.2020 15:41

If it comes to the right of a company to protect it I only agree. If it comes to Justin I take my hat of for him. I have never read so much hate(ful posts/dpolls) in one week as in last week.
Sorry for the misunderstanding and thank you for keep answering/explaining it to me. I wish you a great Sunday. 💕

08.03.2020 07:36


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03.03.2020 11:49

"Why did the community spent years on marketing & improving Steem, just for the useless founder to get a nice payday?"

The platform was always designed for that purpose. It was obvious.

If this was about attracting users with a well designed platform meant for user experience, the issues would have been addressed back in 2018 when these issues became undeniable.

Remember when the whole game was buying votes from bots?

Don't worry, Justin has an excellent track record of making good profits while sucking the life out of his investments.

03.03.2020 17:05

So Justin Sun is gonna do exit scam with Steem/Steemit... Hoard as many coins as possible and then dump all of them on exchange and convert to other cryptocurrencies or cash out... Before rest of the users can cash out, he contacts exchanges and asks them to stop Steem deposits and withdrawals and only allow use of the Tron-based Steem token.

03.03.2020 21:32

Unfortunately, I'm not a mind reader or able to predict the future.

What you're suggesting is not a huge stretch. Consider, only about 0.000035% of users are whales (was using older numbers I found, but most recent results I could find, but less than 40 users).

The main point was that the platform was always about making profits, more than creating a platform that could attract users and fulfill on the promise of what the platform could deliver. If I was wrong, the usability issues would have been addressed, the issues of manipulating the system would have been blocked, and the focus of expansion would have been on improving systems deepening the functionality instead of spreading wide across a series of 'dapps' most of which are varying degrees of functional.

The results are pretty clear (when we can find metrics) that the platform has been on a downward spiral, fewer users, fewer comments, fewer posts, fewer rewards. I feel bad for anyone who is more invested in the platform than as a free hosting service for a blog.

04.03.2020 16:26

I think Justin Sun and Donald Trump are a lot like... Both are business men that try to run the world like it's a yet another corporation.

04.03.2020 17:12

03.03.2020 21:37

Remember, the people whit more money its the most dirty!

07.03.2020 16:37