Gratitude to the real MVPs

Pretty interesting what 24 hours can do.

Yesterday, I was quite excited for what's to come. But I most def. didn't expect what was announced.

At this point, I can't really tell whether it's good or not, there are far too many nuances that are still unknown.

And since I'm an optimistic person by heart, I don't want to make any rash decisions. I need to wait at least for the AMA.

However, I feel that some people didn't get the credit yesterday, which they deserved.

Screen Shot 2019-11-21 at 12.22.33 PM.png

I'm of course talking about the amazing Steemit Inc team (excl. ned), those few individuals who cruised the ship through a heck of a storm.







@doxno, @doxie-tx

I'm nng that they did ey did everything perfeut they investednvested tons of work, heart and passion into making sure that would survive and could also actually thrive.

They were so close to release SMTs & communities on our beloved blockchain, before the rug was pulled under their feed.

I can't say whether or not they knew about the deal, but based on my feeling, I don't think they did (also based on their appearance at Steemfest)

Regardless though, without them, Steemit Inc would be worth far far less. Maybe it wouldn't even exist anymo knows? (You could have at least mentioned them, ned!)

Anyway, I want to thank each one of you! (those mentioned above)

You're a big reason why people still had hope & faith in Steem & Steemit Inc.

You managed to keep the boat afloat in a time, where things looked rough, really rough.

And for that, I'm extremely grateful!


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15.02.2020 12:56

Kudos to the Steemit Inc Team (excluding Ned!)

15.02.2020 13:08

Fully agree with you. What a lack of management...
At what time is the AMA?

15.02.2020 13:19
15.02.2020 13:52

I’m IN but seems it didn’t start yet WTF!

15.02.2020 16:32

I think it is at 12 EST today. 9 PST.

15.02.2020 13:58


15.02.2020 13:59

We also have many stalwart believers and contributors to thank, like you. People who have contributed knowledge and community support and encouraged engagement. That has been the heart and soul of this platform, and has helped to keep many of us here. The next adventure will not be without pain, but for a big investor to take notice, there had to be a "there" there, and it's because of so many dedicated people who have continually produced great content and shared their insights.

15.02.2020 13:59

i dont think he want swap steem to tron. It would be retarded IMO.

Because why he should buy that many steem to make the Token worthless? :D

Edit: And you are right the Steemit team ( exkl. NED) does a good job in the past and i wish we can see SMT and Communities work out....

15.02.2020 14:00

I just hope the STEEM blockchain stays
Don't convert to what other chain.☹

15.02.2020 14:47

Oh yeah, a wonderful team that certainly needs the accolades that they deserve.
Thank you also @therealwolf for your kind support to our charity blog.
We don't know what the future holds but there will always be hope!
Blessings to all!

15.02.2020 14:49

They are a great team and I hope they can survive their new boss!

15.02.2020 15:00

Invested tons of work? Last time I checked they were paid for their work. And judging from the results, they sucked at it.

16.02.2020 05:17

Hola @therealwolf.

Tu Publicación Ha Sido Curada Manualmente.

16.02.2020 16:31

Yeah, it was my main concern after the announcement. What will happen to them. The team had Steem in their heart. I wish them success in their Steemit adventure on Tron blockchain. They are well place to help Tron team best understand Steem economy and it's different although both are DPoS. I hope both team work to build a duo-blockchain solution that will keep Steem blockchain running as the community which. Let those who want to move, move and those who want to stay, stay.

16.02.2020 18:48