Hello fellow steemians , hope you all had a great day. I present to you all my dairy of today 18/05/21.
I woke up this morning at about 8am, did my morning meditation then stepped out to brush my teeth and take some air. When I returned to my room I noticed I realized my phone was off due to low battery and there was no electricity , I then decided to move to the next neighborhood so I might charge my phone.


With my phone on charge I was able to reply my unread messages and mails but had to switch it off so it could charge better then I returned home. Back home I started watching a movie “To all the boys today and forever “ , mid time into the movie my hungry intestines got me up and into the kitchen to prepare breakfast. What I needed was at home except bread , so I moved to a nearby shop and got it , then returned home to eat.


After eating, I returned to my bed to rest while listening to music via a mini speaker. When I got bored , I took a short stroll to where I was charging my phone and collected it . On my way back I met with few neighbors, we did chatting, jokes and purchased sugar balls from a local vendor with sachets of orange juice and that was our launch. When I got home, I continued using my phone till about 3pm when I left with my sugar sister to a nearby junction to look for a fast android charger 🔌.


After purchasing the charger we returned home and spent some time chatting together. An hour later I recieved a mail which needed me to quickly rush to town and carry out some errands. I returned home later in the evening, tired and hungry again so I took my bath and supper was served . I spent the rest of the evening chatting online with friends and family, that’s how my day unfolded thanks for reading.

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You had an awesome day @theobass, electricity is showing you people something in Bamenda but nevertheless its good you charged your phone and even got to reply ur mails.. you had good breakfast too but your launch wasn't really heavy was it?why do you call your sister "sugar sister "😂😂

18.05.2021 23:19

We also carry out extra curricular activities lol

18.05.2021 23:49

Yoo bro ,your day was great . atleast thank God the light finally came back .I love your breakfast ooh🥰

19.05.2021 01:06

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