Changing gears

DCKB0867.JPGHello everyone its been a very long time since I have been a part of the Community so I figured why not start off fresh with some direction. As some of you know my user name was @nextmotoking but I have decided to go with the new name that is more reflective of the person I am today. I have been collecting pictures and videos of my journey through the hemp business and plan to share with everyone. Also I will continue to share my crazy videos that I once was getting known for.
I look forward to being a part of this awesome platform again and making money is not why I am here as it was before I am truly here just to share to the world perspective through my eyes.QFGS2220.JPG

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Nice looking plants you got hanging.

A lot has changes I am guess from ladt time you are on... like not really a team canada any more sadly lol

You should come join us over in canna curate discord if you like talking cannabis and other things.

Also steem has many front ends now like for cannabis and steempeak for it all

10.11.2019 22:07

Thanks and yes it seems like a different place. I will Definitely join you guys thanks for the link

11.11.2019 21:29