Seed Sorting

Oh man! Best day! It’s a sunny 19°C and I got ALL my seeds sorted!

I kept seeing my fellow gardener Blogging peeps using these adorable rainbow cases. Finally I found some locally and for a decent price!

I’m not gonna pretend like all my seats actually fit in here, but I think it was very helpful for prioritizing which are my favourites!!


I love my label maker. I got it several years ago and I use it, well, probably TOO much 😂 At this point the cats are lucky they don’t have their names stuck to their foreheads!


I did attempt to match the colours to the plants, but admittedly some do not match at all LoL



I knew I was forgetting something, and I finally found my pepper seed stash and realized! Oops! I put them in with the corn since I only had a few types of corn anyway.


Absolutely LOVE this storage box and it really fits everything better than I thought it could! I may need a second one in the near future 😂

Thanks for checking in!
Take care!!

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That's an interesting way to store your seeds.
Certainly more organized than my method of just putting the seed packs in a coffee can... :-)

01.05.2021 04:34

The case was $25 at Michaels, really worth it to me, I’ve always had way too many seeds and could never keep them organized, this works so great!!

17.05.2021 13:40