AI (Artificial Intelligence) is no less of a wonder than electricity and the internet. The way electricity and the internet changed the way of human life forever, AI is capable of doing much more wonders as compared to them. Along with blockchain, AI has the capability to take over every industry in the world, including the most beneficial real estate industry and the online gaming industry.
    In order to make this wonder come to life, a company is building DAIN (Decentralized Artificial Intelligence Network). This network is geographically dispersed and have expertise in the AI. It can identify and represent the issues with the help of blockchain.
    In order to solve complex computational issues, DAIN utilizes the resources already available in the gadget or device and empowers the proficient utilization of artificial intelligence by registration of these resources. DAIN is not holding any of its own resources. However, it utilizes free computing resources from any of the electronic or digital devices or gadgets, including pc and gathers the resources from private data centers, IoT devices, and smartphones.
    For providing all the customers worldwide with simple and reasonable access to artificial intelligence, DAIN is empowering all sectors from private companies to enormous organizations. All this is done for the removal of data from the enormous information datacenters and lessen the time required by the model generation to the market. Moreover, the monetization of information is also done, and DAIN aims to achieve all this with the help of AI. The consumers lease the inert computational intensity of their gadgets and PCs to be used by the enterprises solving the problems related to AI, and DAIN encourages and empowers this leasing. DAIN enables organizations for the creation of new plans of action and new relationship models with the consumers. Moreover, it also provides them with alternate ways of increasing revenue. DAIN successfully provides them with a protected space for selling, buying, leasing, and offering the information. All the information is shared in this framework safely for the creation, expansion, and execution of artificial intelligence on a global level. By the utilization of the platform provide by DAIN, any organization whether huge or small, could undoubtedly and productively make and train another model with its own framework of information and utilizing the information from the DAIN framework provided by the other external sources. At that point, the third party data could be utilized and refined by DAIN, and this information will be accessible in the data marketplace. The purpose of this is the distribution of the model in the marketplace and commercial center for the generation of revenue. By doing this, the company can maintain ownership and can control the data and information related to the model. On the other hand, the adaption of information could be done by DAIN. It enables others for the preparation and execution of the models by utilizing large-scale information. During this process, all the data and information is kept secure and is not disclosed to any outsider or third-party.


  1. WHY DAIN?
    The pace at which the world is progressing and innovations are done, it is better to keep up with the pace; otherwise, it will take an enormous amount of time to understand every innovation and its utilization. DAIN is providing a secure and simple platform for the utilization of AI. Therefore, it is best to understand and utilize this platform.

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