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Are you a newcomer at binary, options, or futures trading? Do you need a platform for trading that provides user-friendly and customizable user-interface, real-time data analytics, and can be trusted? Due to the buzz of media, you might be already exposed to digital asset technologies. Many creative entrepreneurs are trying to implement blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies to improve their business functionality. However, the lack of infrastructure makes these technologies vulnerable. Frequent hacking, stolen funds, and regulation problems are breaking the trust of day-to-day users. Although there is a lot of media coverage, most of the crypto-based trading platforms are slow and can’t deal large user base that is joining the platforms every day.

As hundreds of trading platforms based on cryptocurrency technology are there in the market having no structures to create profitable trades hence Synchrobit is offering faster, cheaper, and smarter trading solutions for the newbie and professionals by providing world’s first hybrid digital asset trading platform. Some of the data recorded about exchanges using cryptocurrency are shocking. Among the users, those who live in Asia, Europe, and North America indicated security issues (40%), an elevated trading fee (37%), lack of liquidity (36%), unethical way of support from the exchange (33%), and lack of crypto pairs (22%). Another 21% think the platforms are not user-friendly. So these problems are major development opportunities for companies like Synchrobit. To diminish the issues, synchrobit ca\ome up with cool features to explore profitable trading. Some of the features are discussed below.

1) Use of Fiat Currency: Synchrobit is a Peer to peer digital asset platform. It offers traders both fiat currency and cryptocurrency options to use their platform .

2) Features of Customer Feedback: Synchrobit has a cool feature of adjusting their offers based on the customer feedback analysis.

3) Customized Module: Most of the crypto-based trading platform has no customized modules. Synchrobit will provide its modules based on user requirements and experiences.

4) Security: Synchrobit thinks security is a process. So building infrastructures are more important than code for the security of the trading platforms. Synchrobit will not only develop a strong structure but also train the users to improve safety from the individual level.

5) Innovation in safety issues: Synchrobit believes user safety can be enhanced by innovation in security methodologies. They will reduce cyber-attack using decentralized safety processes

6) Storing assets in Cold-wallets: This is also a cool feature. You don’t have to put the cryptocurrency on synchrobit. You can use cold-wallets like Trezor, Ledger, and CoolWallet S.

7) Private Key safety: For the safety of the users from hackers, Synchrobit won’t keep private keys of wallets in their network. Rather they will store the keys or credentials on various networks. So the user funds will be safe, and they can focus more on trading rather than the risk of losing the account.

8) 2FA security: Synchrobit offers a two-factor authentication feature. This will enhance security. User fund withdrawal and account recovery issues will be solved with 100% safety measures.

9) 24/7 Support: As Synchrobit gives priority to the user security issues, vulnerable users can get support from the 24/7 support center. The support will be provided via phone, chat, and CRM systems.

10) Synchrobit Academy: Synchrobit academy will teach the users technical analysis, fundamental analysis, basics of trading, action in prices, and fundamentals of digital assets.

These are some of the great features of Synchrobit, which will shrink the trading anomalies for the users. Surely traders will feel safe and secure during exploring profitable trading using cryptocurrency.

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