The Season Rewards and Total

No Legs but nice gold foil

Hello Steemmonsterians 👸

I didn't try to rank up yesterday, so I'm alright on unlocked the Diamond league again while doing the dq 14 hours before the season end. Lucky that I changed the dq from Death to Water, the strongest Splinter on my deck.

Few minutes ago, I just woke up and found the news that my friend @hossainbd being on Top of the leaderboard, finally. Congratulations! It's not me, but I feel so happy and proud of him. I belong to @teampossible guild, so when the guild mates reached something cool like that, We celebrate it nicely.


4 of my Guild mates are on the top 15🤗

Being in the same guild with top players, just bring us some spirit to enjoy the game so much. But.. let me show you the last page of my 40 season rewards 😁

just the cards I need to have and Max it out

I got total of 71 common cards, 13 rares, 5 epic plus 2 gold common and 1 gold rare also 4000 DEC. If we counted the DEC only, it's 11.845 DEC for a season.

Actually it can be more than just 12K DEC if I didn't skip some dq and contribute some DEC to the guild, Team Possible Troops. I used to get around 50-90 DEC per battle 2 season ago, but it just decreased to 40-50 DEC per battle, though I got 3% additional from being in a guild, using my gold foil and some alpha and reward/promo cards.

But it's nothing to complain about, more players around and the reward pool is getting crowded, so everyone got the Rewards fairly, I hope. Besides, FUN is nothing to compare with the earning.

Well.. I need to do my Captain duty now, I hope that you'll get the best cards you need from the season rewards. Don't be sad if you don't 😘 maybe you'll get them on this new season.

Have Fun and Good Luck!

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