The cost of escaping death

Hello Splinterslanders πŸ‘Έ

I got a death quest 2 days ago, after trying to battling and rumbling for a couple minutes, I failed to win any battles πŸ˜… so I decided to change the quest and I have doomed by answering Lyana's call again. What a hard life for a keen Queen..LOL

But I tried my best anyway, losing 300 points and back to the gold 3, seriously losing and I call it quits after a day😁. I lost my patience to keep my day on battlefield. And few hours ago, I started to complete the quest, I couldn't skip one more day to collect some cards. I hope I will get a better cards to claim.

But... After draining my ECR to 80% and finally made it back to Gold 2, the cards I claimed just something worth to burn. Lol!

not the worst thoughπŸ˜‚ it's just something commons to my deck

Been at this kind of situation for few seasons and nothing to complain about, because it's not about the level of the decks but it's about my lack of playing ability. The free cards I claimed is nothing to compare with fun I have.

Sorry that I'm not too enthusiast with the new Kickstarter campaign, it's not for me 😁 an average player and only care about having fun. No matter what type of cards of summoners, all I can do is playing. How to maintain the long losing streaks? Keep playing till my heart content. You won't get lucky all the time.

When you have nothing to lose but time, and your time is only to have fun..I lose nothing. Same old opponents with decent decks are around, with some luck... You can still enjoy the game and won some just to complete the do and collect some Dec too. I'm going to do my next dq soon.. wish me luck it's not the death or Earth team quest πŸ˜‚

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