A Keen Queen Adventure's on Splintersland

Hi Steemmonsterians 👸

Thekeenqueen is back!

Let me show you my season rewards first, before we walk through the Splintersland to see how a Keen Quen through the day🔥🔥🔥


first 10 of 30, yeap.. I end up on Gold 1 again.


the next 10


The last 10

Total of 1550 DEC and it's not bad at all!
Due to some reasons, I stay at the den for more than 45 hours. Just because I'm a Keen Queen, it doesn't mean I forgot my other character, as you know I'm Agile and also a Seeker 🌹, so I get out of my Den and looking for any opponents to practice my magic too.

I have to stir the volcano as my quest today, so I need to do it really careful so I won't waste my energy on silly fights. I only have 450 DEC when I left the Den, I need to collect more to save it for a rainy days, who knows I can buy a new monster's with it.

I need to wait for a couple battles before I can complete my quest. The first opponent I met was defeated easily because the Earth splinter is weaker than my water team


you can check the battle result

I can't think of a better team to defeat on armored up ruleset except using my magic monsters.

After taking a breath, here come an opportunity to start doing my quest. Little league ruleset with fire splinter is my favourite 🤸


not a fair battle though, my monsters were too strong, if you want to know how the battle was click here

I went through 12 more winning streaks with other splinters, before I found the right ruleset to use Malric Inferno and his team. Then, I realised that I need to complete my quest and handle my Agile character to stay calm for a while.

And the result was, I got another losing streak for 15 more battles before I really complete my quest.


unlocked the Gold 3 on my way


funny that I didn't realise I completed my quest on silver 1🤣🤣😂

Time to go back to my Den and check on how many DEC I got and How many energy I drained for such tiring battling and rumbling🙀


I'm happy that I got 1600 DEC to add to my 450 before, Worth it!

Since I didn't take the Death and Life splinters with me, they don't need me to pat on the back. I thanked Alric, Malric and Lyana with their teams today. I must take Daria with me sometimes later.

So, How's your adventure today?

Thanks for playing with me!

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