Entry for Artstorm contest week #12— Valentine's Day

artstorm 12 valentine.PNG
Stages Of Happiness

This is my entry to the artstorm contest. The prompt under this edition is Valentine's Day

Hello my friends. How was your Valentine? I hope it was filled with love, warmth and joy. I am actually away from my own family now and I celebrated it with friends. We were just home as it is safer this way given the ncov scare. I was dreaming about going outside on this day and my art entry reflects that. I drew a park with lamp post and benches. I call it stages of happiness hahaha. See how the heart shaped lights become red and bright? See the different stages? Hope you get the idea

If you love creating art this is definitely an activity that you can participate in. I encourage you all to participate. Steem on creative people of Steemit. Until next time.

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According to the Bible, Charity Means Love (2 of 5)

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Thanks for your entry! $trdo

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