Doodletrends Drawing Contest: Trader Mosquito Character

doodletrends trader mosquito.PNG
Hi Steemians,

Good day and greetings of peace. Here is a drawing I made as my entry to the Doodletrends Drawing Contest 63. The theme or challenge for this edition is Create A Trader Mosquito Character I had spent about 15 minutes creating this doodle. If you love making doodles on your idle time you can definitely participate in this contest so why not join now?

My drawing shows a mosquito holding a golden crystal that he wants to trade with steem crystal. I hope the details are clear enough to convey that picture. The golden crystal was quick to make I just used varying shades of yellow to achieve that multifaceted look. The steem crystal is even more quick to do just a few jagged lines and I am done. An orange suite I think will add some punch to the whole look and balanced it out with subdued blue shoes. That is how simple I can think of a scene to depict the theme for this round. I did not expect to create such a cute character. I do not like a pesky mosquito that bites me and itch like forever but this character did not look anything pesky to me at all. I love it especially the expression on his face. Initially, the wings had the same color as the body but I went for white because the mosquito is way too dark already. Hope you guys enjoyed reading my post and also love this new character that I had designed. I also want to thank @steempampanga for hosting this contest without which I would not be able to realize my potential to create something fun like this entry on such a short time like 15 minutes like I mentioned above.

Thank you for dropping by.

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That golden Crystal and steem Crystal idea is brilliant

20.07.2019 08:30