Advent Drawing Challenge 2019: December 25 Christmas Day

Hello my Steemit friends,
christmas day.PNG
Merry Christmas everyone and good day. We had been waiting for this day to come and finally it is now here. Feels great just writing that and realizing the few art content we created for the Advent Drawing Challenge 2019. We should all be happy for our participation no matter how many prompts have we accomplished. It is still a step towards something like in my case I had added 25 art works if I wanted to build my portfolio or simply make a collection.

Now for this drawing, the little piglet gathered all his friends that he met like the little yellow bird, the tiny grey cat, the long eared bunny and the odd mouse. Looks like all his new friends are alone and looking for some company. The good little piglet is so eager to invite them all and share a hearty meal on Christmas eve and gave them presents. He also decorated the house with more festive details to bring in some good cheers and warmth. They all are friends now and are living in the same community together. Cheering each other, looking after one another and helping those in need. That concludes the story of this orange piglet.

Let me take this opportunity to thank everyone who participated and supported this challenge. Thank you for spreading the word out there by resteeming. Thank you for the wonderful creations you made surely warmed the hearts of many that is certain. Now that we are down to the last prompt which is Christmas Day I would like to greet you once again.

Merry Christmas

May you guys have more blessings, more joy, peace and fulfillment in whatever you do. Same goes to your family and loved ones.

Advent Drawing Challenge 2019.PNG

Happy creating and good luck. Hope to see more engagement from you my friends and the creative Steemit community. More power to you and to your loved ones. Steem on and rock on.

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