Advent Drawing Challenge 2019: December 20 Holiday Drink

Hello my Steemit friends,
holiday drink.PNG
What a nice scene to behold. Two best of friends spending time together sharing some holiday drinks. In this case, they are drinking hot chocolate. The little piglet garnished his drink with marshmallow and mint candy cane while the little bird used little bits of marshmallow and a cinnamon stick. The aroma of the rich smooth drink filled the air with warmth and that nice familiar Christmas scent. Hope you guys like my drawing today. For this advent challenge we have holiday drink as the prompt. I know you can come up with beautiful ideas so go ahead and start your drawing now. I can not wait to see them.

We are now almost towards the end of December, time for a new drawing challenge to keep us busy and creative until Christmas day. Let us start this advent drawing challenge 2019 by creating some nice drawings using the prompts that I listed here:
Advent Drawing Challenge 2019.PNG

The Rules:

  1. Create an art each day following the prompts provided.
  2. Use any medium you prefer
  3. Use the hashtag adventchallenge2019
  4. You may create characters to better depict your ideas just like how I created this cute piglet.

That is how simple this challenge is. By the end of the 25 day challenge you have completed a nice portfolio for yourself. So, better create something that you could be proud of.

Happy creating and good luck. Hope to see more engagement from you my friends and the creative Steemit community. More power to you and to your loved ones. Steem on and rock on.

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