Why are people still afraid to get introduced to the world of Crypto Currencies

Crypto Currencies are going through their one of the best times since they were invented.

Almost every crypto currency has gave a good gain and happiness in the last few months to the investors of last year.



But do you know that people are still afraid to come into this world ?
people are afraid because of many reasons and i can go on talking about those reasons for quite a long time.

Crypto wallets , Crypto exchanges , how to deposit , how to withdraw ?
there are many questions that arise in a new comers mind and that's why they get away from being here.

People also has misconceptions that these are fraud and that their money will be gone.
people also think that these are illegal and should not be used in any means.

You see the list goes on and on.
well there is a simple solution to these problems and i am gonna share it.

The solution is knowledge , yes you heard it right. knowledge is the one simple solution that will help one overcome all these problems.

Research and study basics of Blockchain and Crypto currencies. it won't take much time but it will surely help you feel confident about what you will going to do in the world of Crypto Currencies.

learn about everything and then you will know what is the best exchange to deal with so that your money is safe.

you will also easily make a deposit and withdrawal without any headache.

So stick to this solution i.e gain proper knowledge about it , give some time to it and you will be ok with everything.

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pPeople shy away from the complexity of crypto, at most I would wager most entrants go no further than centralized exchanges to buy and sell and ignore the benefits blockchains bring. Still though we are early days and as it becomes more mainstream it will become more usuable. I will be publishing a cross chain article soon which touches on thissubject...I will follow your work.

22.04.2021 19:35