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What will you do if you get the access to Elon Musk Twitter account for one hour



Elon Musk who has been in headlines for price manipulation of not only one or two but entire Crypto Currencies due to his tweets is like a villain to many.

While many don't like about his tweets things and all i would like to know what are people going to say to a situation i am going to provide just in few seconds.

Let us consider this post as a discussion post and let's see how this goes. I am really eager to see what will people say about this.

So think of Elon Musk and just suppose you have got access to his twitter account for one hour , what will you do ?

What will you really do while elon musk is busy and he didn't know about what is happening with his twitter account.



You can do anything with his twitter handle.
so what will you be doing ?

  • will you tweet about your favourite Blockchain ?
  • will you destroy a project by tweeting something ?
  • or what will you do ?

Do interact and tell me about what will you do with his twitter account.

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