Tron Jumps almost double it's price in less than a week ( gained 30+% in last 24 hours )

Tron is one of the best chain that is being used by many people for different projects.
People can easily create their tokens on Tron Network and many developers are already doing so.

Tron has come into headlines in the world of Crypto Currencies as it has gained a excellent amount in last 24 hours i.e almost more than 30 percent.

So if we talk about the performance in one last year tron has done a an fabulous job. Not only in terms of adoption and development but in market capitalisation as well.

In last one year the price has seen a gain of more than 600% and in last one week the price has almost double itself.

Let us look at the chart for tron taken from Binance Exchange Below.


we can see that price went from $0.048 to 0.088 on the exchange. on some exchanges the price even crossed $0.09 as well.

So we can say that price was almost double the price we saw last week. but what is the reason for this amazing hike in the price...?

Is it steem price effecting trx price ? well i don't think so. though i don't know the exact reason but i do not think that this is the reason.

Do share if someone knows the reason behind this hike. coming to predicting the future of the token i really think tron is a capable chain and it ll be doing great in future.

For investors it is a long term investment thing and so i think price should go more up. Thats all for this post , thank you readers.

Happy Trading Everyone.

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