This is How You can Become Rich in Next five years

Good things don't come easy and it also takes time for good things to happen.

who don't want to become rich in this world , i think everyone who is working hard in any field dreams of becoming rich.

In this post we will discuss how can you become rich in next five years.........

I will not only tell the ways but even justify my statements as well. so let us see the different ways you can opt in to become rich.

  • Invest in Bitcoin and it's hard forks.



Bitcoin is currently trading at $60000+ and if i talk about the price prediction for the future of Bitcoin by 2025 it is somewhere around $400000 - $1M. I know it might sound like a fairy tale but that's true.

Let us understand why can bitcoin really make this prediction true.
The world is accepting bitcoin and this will be one of the major reasons for the rise of price of bitcoin.

Second thing is that as with every bitcoin halving the block reward for miners becomes half of current block reward so as time passes by there ll even come a day after many years when block rewards ll become 4 satoshis only.

You can expect the hard forks to perform alongside BTC as well.

  • Invest in good projects and in their tokens / Alt Coins.



The Blockchain technology and projects based on the technology has just started to attract a good amount of users and if you are already familiar with these projects feel lucky already.

Take example of steemit only , In future if the user base increase , if the adaption increase then you can expect the price of steem to reach $10 or even more.

So both the above methods need money to be put in and not everybody can put alot of money to buy a BITCOIN.
So here is what i can suggest anyone to do.

1) Invest in alt coins. why ? because we have seen Alt Coins rising by 1000 , 2000 , 3000 and so on percentage. but make sure to chose your alt wisely as they equally are capable of following a down fall as well.

2) Buy little portion of Bitcoin for example 0.01 and that might also be enough after next five years.

There are some more methods like staking , farming , etc but i can't discuss them in one single post with this one so maybe in future i will discuss about them.

That's all , thank you.
Happy Trading Everyone.

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