The toughest time of life in India

Today , I am here to talk to everyone about my country but before i start i would pray and hope that everyone is fine at their location in this planet.

So I am living in India and we are going through hell in our country at the moment.

Literally i never thought that i would have to see a day like this in my life.

people are dying and i am literally frightened and scared of all this. we are seeing ambulance in our locality very often now.



Literally it is the toughest time for the people of India and many countries. lockdown is also imposed here and it is for our safety.

I don't know how to fight this tough time because i am already giving up and i am really scared for me and my family.

people are dying even after getting well in the hospital and that makes it more frightening for me.

Please God save us from this worst time of this Era , please forgive our sins and make the world normal again.

Aameen , Oh God ! forgive us....!!!!

pray for our country everyone , please pray for us.

Thank you

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Prayers for the people of India at this time

28.04.2021 19:46

thank you

28.04.2021 19:52

No problem, Hoping India gets through this tough time

28.04.2021 20:18