Steem has once again crossed $1 , Will it be setting a new all time high soon ? ( up by 20% )

Steem continued to regain it price by moving up two days ago and it regained it's price from $0.8 to approx $1 in a day.

And today it reached $1.3 and currently trading at $1.2 approx. I really didn't expected this to happen.

you can see the price chart of steem w.r.t bitcoin in the below chart taken from Binance Exchange.


I never thought that steem ll be coming back up so soon , it looks like the steem is following the same thing like 2018.

what can be the reason for this rise again ? if you are following my blogs you must be knowing about my view on what i think about the past of steem and also if that ll play a role in the price at the present time.

I still believe the same and so according to me the reason for this hike might be Trx...!

We know that we saw tron integration with Steem platform and tron has for sure attracted many more new people towards the platform.

Tron Century Mining is live already and that has made tron go up like crazy, we see the price doubling itself.

I think if in future TRX staking starts to give rewards in steem then that might help steem rising even more.

So do you think that trx activities are effecting Steem , do tell me down in the comments below.

Thank you for being here and reading my post , Happy Trading Everyone.

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