SHIBA INU , Some suspicious activities you must know...!!!

Shiba Inu token recently got a huge attraction because of Elon Musk tweet. No doubt the coin has given great gains to its early investor.

Now i saw something that blow my mind totally , and I decided to make a post regarding it as soon as possible.

I was monitoring some Crypto on the Coingecko and i thought of searching Shiba to see what is the price at the moment for Shiba coin.

When I searched SHIB this is what i saw and this result further shocked me.


You might be thinking what's shocking in this , right ? Now if you will notice carefully there are five coins with shiba as their initial names.

but wait let me show you something more so when i loaded more coins this is what i saw.


There are so many other Crypto tokens with initials as Shiba , now why do i think it's shocking.

I think that because people might think of putting there money in these coins.

I have saw all the coins and you all will be shocked to know that these are all launced in less than one week.

Some are just one day old , I must share with you the screenshots that where you will see that the tokens are very new to the market and it can kill your money very easily so I would never suggest anyone to invest.


The above token was launched on 10th May


This one on 13th May.


This one was launched today itself.

I am not going to share screenshot to every coin but i can assure you every coin are the same , they have been launched recently in this month only.

I saw most of them are on Pancakeswap and Uniswap and I really don't care with that.

So my advice is that don't think of putting a big amount of money in these small tokens that are generated just without any backbone in the name of Shiba.

Keep yourself safe from investing in any of these , if you want to buy Shiba then buy SHIBA inu and that too not with a large money.

What do you think about this thing , i think there will be more tokens created very soon in the name of shiba so stay safe.

Happy Trading Everyone.


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Hello @theindiantrader
Yes, it is typical of this market, to now more, that it is so easy to create a token, that these things happen.
There will always be those who take advantage of these opportunities and I can get a good profit margin, but equally there will be those who lose. You have to be very cautious, of course. To avoid losing money, perhaps in this case it is worth remembering something important: do not invest money that we are not willing to lose.

14.05.2021 23:17

This is crypto market we need to be very cautious and careful before investing. Try to do your due diligence for every project and then invest.

15.05.2021 15:08