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Never Give up

When i was a small child , my father taught me to never give up. Be it any situation of life he asked me to never give up , he told me that if you give up oftenly then you will never be able to win any battle of your life.

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When we give up , we find ourself a new option and that's the option to leave what we are doing. When we continually call this option it becomes our weakness.

Think of a ant trying to climb a wall , ant never give up no matter how high the wall is. If ant starts giving up on climbing walls then there will come a day when that any will not be able to climb any wall.

You should never think of giving up , never keep that as a option. you should always try just like a ant who never gives up and cross every stopping in the way to climb the wall.

If we also become dedicated and believe ourselves then we will be also be able to cross any difficulty in life.

If we write a exam and fail , we don't give up we prepare well so that next time we get pass. Similarly when some difficulty comes in life we should not give up but face it and find a solution.

When my father said that he meant it for my entire life. He use to motivate me alot , even today he helps me and my family.

Thank You.

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