Hive near to $0.5 after a long time , is the downfall be followed further ( down by -9% )

It looks like hive up run is finally coming to an end. hive witnessed new all time highs during the uprun and even crossed $1.

It actually even stayed near that point for a good period of time. But sadly the thing has came to an end and from the graph of today it is very clear.

Let us see the chart below for hive vs usdt.


The chart is following a downward trend for last 24 hours and even from before that hive has witnessed downfall trend.

The next dip is even below the mark of half a dollar and if the current scenario is followed then we can expect to see those prices really soon.

For my prediction i think hive ll move up once again and it won't follow the downward trend.

what do you think about hive price ? do tell in below comments.

Thanku and Happy Trading Everyone.

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