Believe in yourself and achieve anything in your life

We all grow up with some long and short terms goal in our life , we set these goals accordingly and then work towards achieving them.

And Be it any thing , from fighting your fears to going through a difficult time the one thing you must have is , Believe.



Believe in within yourself , the believe that you can do it , or can go through it or that you can achieve it.

If you will not believe in yourself then you can never give your 100% to any task and hence you will end up not giving your best in case you lack believe in yourself.

When i was a kid i was afraid of the darkness and my father use to taught me on how to overcome that fear.

He used to tell me many things that there is nothing in this darkness , it will be gone with the light and use to tell me that you First have to believe that there is nothing in this darkness.

And then only you can fight your fear because if you will believe that there is something in this darkness then you can never overcome the fear.

Haha , i am currently also writing this post sitting in a dark room.
thankfully my fear was gone long back.

So , the conclusion is that believe in yourself and achieve anything you want to achieve.

thank you

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