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Howdy folks'.

Sometimes things just need time. Sometimes, we do not have that time to spare, Blah blah it goes on in circles that things do not get done.
Sometimes it takes time for thoughts of the past to make sense. In my own case, this happens when the item needed to finish a thought eludes the mind. The right phrases or the right term is not used and the whole meaning gets lost.

I just came across a site by pure chance that finished a thought I had many moons ago. The writers on Steemit.com and the writing groups formed around them.

This same thought I have mentioned about the music industry. How benefits to the music groups could be enhanced. That was ignored. Maybe I just spoke to the wrong people.

I won't go into the music right now. My thoughts are on the writer groups.

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This is a direction I think some of those groups could take. They got so much support previously they must still be there doing good things.

Mimic this site with the skills the group holds.
Do this on an external site. Publish short stories on Steemit from writers on an external site. This offers opportunity for quality writers to emerge on the platform not by invitation to the block chain or to the Steemit platform.

Integrate the Steemit.com platform as an external extra to the writers assist site.

Were the site above masterclass offers services for $ cost. The services provided by the new site can provide services via license to publish short stories on Steemit. One short story from each benefactor of the site might not be too much to ask.

Members of the new site would have the ability to select to publish to Steemit and or other platforms.

Other's on Steemit.com might also be able to avail of the site and gain a higher visibility for the effort they put into their work on Steemit. By selecting to have their short story published through the Steem writers assist site or project.

Steemit and discord is not enough if you want to help people grow.

Good Luck if any of you decide to develop on this idea.

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