Is Steem worth it?

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Let's be blunt about it.

Howdy folks'.

Well is it worth to spend your time on Steem? It sure does not look like a good investment right now. It does not even look like a good investment of time.

Right now you would need to invest over $100 to generate a reward of 1 cent. The vote would probably be less. It will shrink in voting value too. So coming to and using Steem to help people, you might need to be investing a minimum of $100,000. This won't be attractive for many to remain on the platform. Anyone who starts now will find it very difficult to grow. Though you will see some names pop up that get immediate support and boosted to the heavens. Kinda funny.

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Steemit Inc?
Steemit Inc appears on the surface to be no more than the lackie for the goals of a few on They don't seem to hold any power or control over the platform in any way whatsoever. The code they are instructed to write or employ is dictated by POS. (less than 20 people.)

Would you invest? When less than 20 people from over 1 million registered users can dictate and control everything. From the amount of reward you can give in comparison to theirs. When they can change and alter those at will without opposition. Any investment and what it can do can be changed at any time. This is a high risk for any investor.

Any investor will research the platform. The blatant abuse of power will be seen and the investor will move on.

The value.
How much value on the price of Steem is needed to be lost. Or is that part of something bigger pump and dump by the big guys. As they now reap rewards at much higher levels than everyone else. Once they reach their target. Will the price rise? So much effort i put into devaluing the smaller members of the community. There has to be a reason behind it.

Ah sure they are next to non existent for most. The effort to change trending has done nothing. A repeat of what was there before. The same names will always be at the top. Simply cause that is were the biggest votes will be cast.

The Control.
Control over what you can post and can't post is done by flagging. Some have accounts that down vote and even rent Steem to do this to grow their account. N other reason for the down vote, (although some lame ass reason will be given. Like any post that uses the word "the" more than four times deserves to be flagged). Control over the code that the chain runs on and any alterations to it, by less than 20 people.

This could be a key factor in why no investors come.

Over all Steem does not look like a healthy place to be or invest. When Bitcoin took a jump we lost a penny. Even when positiveness is in air. Those with control cannot make any progress with it. Supporting each project they set forth to be done. Yet they want everyone to have faith in them.

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All that negativity and I am still here making next to nothing, Why?

It's not for the Steem. Steem will only provide a very limited anything in the long term. The expectation for Steem to rise in price is more a wish then something people can see happening through positive means. I am here for what can be done making use of Steem as it is now. Waiting for an investor when we have so many investors already here. Just seems to be telling every user on the platform, that they are worthless.

All discarded for the fictitious investor who has not yet appeared.

I believe every individual is important, not just the one with the money.

The same concept, the same projects that I came to Steem talking about have been done by some. Their is a difference though. Some are using the projects to build a personal wealth. Nothing community wise.

The conclusion I have come to is when you want to help somebody. Nobody wants to help you do it. If I wanted to build a personal wealth. People would give more support. The projects I would like to begin I would never see the fruition of. Though Generations to come would be able to claim those fruits. They would also have some assurance. Efforts will be made to keep those fruit tree's.

I will finish with.

I hear said often about community.
It's not about the money its about the community. When it comes to currency which is what people say Steem is. It's about the money. Steem is NOT! Steemit. they are two totally different things. They might be linked but they are not the same thing.

Building Steem to an account is not about Community. It's about growth of asset or wealth. IF you are not giving that growth to the community it is about growing an account. WHY? Maybe because it has a monetary value. On a different day I hear the same people talk about the value of Steem and when it goes up. When money becomes the topic. Community is forgotten in the majority of cases.

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12.12.2019 21:21

Lately it's a struggle with prices down so low

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12.12.2019 22:30

That is definitely true. The thing is why is Steem so low Why so little interest. We seen the price of Bitcoin jump and Steem still drop. the two coins have no peg. Steem pegged to the dollar and we still fall . With so much investment and a determination to push the price of Steem down. Along with the reward structure design to channel a higher % of the rewards to those who make the choices for the platform.

It does seem on the surface at least, purposefully bringing the price down to gather more. Drop the price gather all that can be before the SMT. Bugger everyone else it seems.

12.12.2019 22:37

In my opinion there are two different issues with what you're talking about. First of all I would say that you're right it's probably not a good time to invest. I can't say with any certainty that this coin will actually ever rise up again. It might not. Even if it has good fundamentals. Even if it has a great support system and a wonderful community is still might not. I need a hand . On the other hand, it is investments like this that make people rich. If it was to take back off and reach around five dollars then somebody could go from poor to rich very quickly. It's unlikely but it could happen and it would probably require an investor outside of our normal thinking. Perhaps somebody like Justin sun.

The second issue is with the idea of the community. I do love most of the community here and I would like the idea of supporting them however there are also certain committee leaders that I absolutely disagree with. I pulled almost a mistake because I had to for medical bills however I do think that some of the people that are supposed leaders in our community or not people that have the best interest of the community at heart. I think some of these people have their own pockets in mind and they are sort of doing a great job of making the masters believe in them. The main reason I left was because I care I can't type anymore so I'm using the voice system now and even now some of the things I say don't make any sense because it's not perfect. However one of the other reasons I left was because I thought that things are heading in a bad direction and they still seem to be heading in that same bad direction.

I hope that they can be fixed because there are certain parts of this community that I love and there are definitely certain part of this platform that I love but I don't know if I'll ever be able to go back to the days when we could all enjoy something like monochrome Monday or green Wednesday or whatever else it was or the I hope that they can be fixed because there are certain parts of this community that I love and there are definitely certain part of this platform that I love but I don't know if I'll ever be able to go back to the days when we could all enjoy something like monochrome Monday or green Wednesday or whatever else it was.

12.12.2019 22:55

Perhaps it might take "Investing outside of our normal thinking"

I have said needed to be done since I got here. Reverse it though and think investing outside of the normal ways people do. It takes an open mind to hear.

I do agree with everything you have wrote here.

If you use the discord chats. I leave you a link to The Alliance.
You might see some positiveness there toward a future. You definitely will from me.

Thank you on such detailed reply :)

12.12.2019 23:04

I received your post because it was really excellent. I'm sorry my initial post was really difficult to read having a hard time getting used to talking instead of typing. I appreciate you sorting through it to try to find the actual message.

13.12.2019 00:21


13.12.2019 00:21

Remember this?

12.12.2019 23:31

Yup. Didnt take much notice of % I send though, I still don't

12.12.2019 23:36

Was referring more to the bottom line - the money.

13.12.2019 16:23

I'll admit, I was originally attracted to Steem because of both the ability to "own" what I post (which is really important when sharing art and photography) as well as the possibility of making some money on such artwork. As the days turn into weeks and into months I've come to think of "earning money" more as "making tips" and, honestly, that's fine. You point out the community aspect, and it is one that I really enjoy. I have met some really good people here and I enjoy talking to them. And, honestly, I enjoy sharing my art, photography, and stories, and will do that wherever I am, so making even a few cents in a tip is, to me, more enjoyable than making Mark Zuckerberg even richer. Steem/Steemit isn't a monetary investment to me; it's more a personal one.

Thanks for the thoughtful post.


13.12.2019 02:06
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