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Howdy folks'.

The word this week from the Buddy Up community is Intelligence. Yup, I may s well just leave a blank space as try to write something that reads intelligently.

Each week a word is chosen by the community and suggested as a post to write about, There is no condition to what you write other than it must incorporate the word of the week into the post. As the content the reason why or other. There is no right or wrong type post.
You are welcome to come join us and discuss the posts made for the week.

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This is definitely going to be a challenge to find the words for. Looking up a definition of intelligence, This is what comes up.

The ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills.
"an eminent man of great intelligence"
synonyms: Intellectual/mental capacity, intellect, mind, brain, brains, brainpower, powers of reasoning, judgement, reason, reasoning, understanding, comprehension, acumen, wit, sense, insight, perceptiveness, perception, perspicacious, perspicacity, penetration, discernment, sharpness, quickness of mind, quick-wittedness, smartness, canniness, astuteness, intuition, acuity, alertness, cleverness, brilliance, aptness, ability, giftedness, talent; informal braininess
"a man of great intelligence"

The collection of information of military or political value.
"the chief of military intelligence"
Synonyms: Information gathering, surveillance, observation, reconnaissance, spying, espionage, undercover work, infiltration, ELINT, cyberespionage, humint; informal recon.
"a former agent for British military intelligence"

There are two definitions there. The second is around gathering information. Gaining knowledge about another or something else, through non formal means. The stuff of Bond 007. I won't be going into all of that and the conspiracy behind it, so you can relax.

The first definition though. That is quite a wide range of words to describe one other word. It does also dip into the 007 thing with words like penetration there.

The things on which we rate an intelligence is so varied, dependant on the observations being made. The intelligence part comes into play in the analyse of what we have seen heard or felt. Intelligence allows us to see a possible out-come to an event or maybe multiple possible out-comes. The thinking, reasoning and projection of future events inside the mind. This is what I see as intelligence.

Taken information provided. Seeing more than just what is wrote on the paper. Following a process of events to see an out-come and examining alterations for circumstance.

Coming up with a great idea can be done by any of us. Many great idea's have already came about. Some hidden from the public. Others used to make life easier to live. Some to make it harder.

Another side to intelligence is the ability to convey your thoughts. That's when I reach my limitation. While I convince myself, I can think along different lines of thought to see various end results. That I see flaws in things that others just do not see. That I think I observe behaviours that other just follow blindly. I do just the same thing with my own thought processes. I am aware of it and love the voice chat in Discord for expanding my view and ability to hear other sides to things, that I would not have seen thinking alone.

This is what I came up with.

Once upon a Steem. A great chain was created out of imagination. It was like a kettle boiling, Each interaction created some heat, it warmed the water and eventually Steem began to rise up. All the fish in the warm water grew bigger and accumulated lot's of Steem and created their own clouds to support their own water droplets.

This carried on for a few generations. With the rise in the value of other things Steem gained a value increase too. Pump and dump or a natural demand makes no difference. It went up and things were good for most, Sucked for me as I got in with a higher price than now.
The plus side, (if there is one) I got in fro finance I gained from winning other Crypto, and it was approximately a value of $400 USD. I had cashed out some too to cover some bills. It was the same thing brought me over to the Steem chain. Poker. I seen something somewhere about playing poker for Steem. I know it was an @SPL or @Lucksacks post.

Ha I remember that, and trying to get myself verified as an individual. @Bethelea requested a Picture. Needed a date on the photo too. So I took a picture of me with Bethalea on the screen in the background. I figured, If I showed a picture of me and Bethalea beside me. She would think she knows me and let me in.

That's why, I came to Steem. I did win a few bucks. I then decided to try my fingers at blogging. Worth it or not. I am still leaning toward the possibility of something really dayum big.

So back to the once upon a Steem.
All the bigger fish now had big clouds to keep their pool full with the droplets of rain they can provide. A concentration of make my pool bigger began and fish began to hold bigger and bigger clouds. The surrounding projects on lands were no longer getting the rain they needed. The lands became barren and people began to drift away. New Projects began. sprang up, and new idea's got pushed.

Projects grew and got backing from other sources. Retention was not there though. How to have people use the platform is not looked at with a view to a retention of masses using the chain and eco system. All of these projects that have gone past. Those that still go or have stopped. They can all flourish. (Yes try remove the scams).

Over a period of a few months, the new idea loses momentum and the same initial support is not there. It will continue on at a slow progress and hopefully become what it is meant to be. Projection plans for this growth are limited on prediction simply because of the individuals circumstance and ability to use the system built.

Sometimes the flaws or the scam that was inside the proposal was not seen until after the change got made. Something said one or two month ago is made to happen then, why? Simply because after three months the flaws are much clearer to see. People have experiences and conversations that change the views from what was said first to something else, The Chinese Whisper Effect. Time can reveal all.

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I observe a replication of what is available in the world we live in. A limited choice for a minimal reward. You remain the key to the success, yet are secondary in the choices made. We go along with this so easy as it is so familiar.

If we all we ever do is follow the familiar path.
We will never take Steem anywhere new.

At the beginning of this post I mention my intelligence ability to write this post. Maybe I have shown myself right. There is another possibility out-there. It might even be way-out-there. Maybe even past what the current telescope can see. If my ability to transfer the information is lacking. Does that diminish your ability to understand?

When we measure intelligence we measure it so often on the wrong things, Ask a mathematician to make you a table that does not wobble. Ask him to shoe a horse. The same knowledge is not there for everyone. The experiences of a past influence the thought processes we use in our daily life.

The most foolish of us can ask more questions than the wisest can answer.

Even more foolish to follow without asking questions. Or maybe foolish not to follow because you didn't ask questions. I am definitely guilty of that.

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