Escovitch- Getting the right amount of pepper!

Growing up in Old Harbour Jamaica had it's blessings, we were close to one of the Islands busiest fishing ports. This meant that my dad or mom would be taking frequent trip to Old Harbour Bay to get fish. Whether we curried, roasted, steamed or even fried, fish was a staple. For me though, my favorite prepared fish was escovitch fish. OHHH can I just share that for the longest time, I kept calling this style of fish Escobeach (LOL). Maybe this was because we always ate this fish at the beach. I am pretty sure I was not the only one who said this. So now, I have more sense, I say ESCOVitch. BUT I never tried to make the escovitch sauce while in Jamaica.

It is really interesting the things we take for granted. For me it was food! My mom would cook and it was easy to delicious food at most of the local spots, but it was not until I moved to Japan that I realized I really did not know how to make something as simple as escovitch sauce. So I went to my reliable source- my mother and after several sharing sessions, I think I have found my own little recipe.
Hot and Tangy Escovitch Sauce

Whilst some people prefer to cook the vegetables, I prefer to boil the vinegar and pimento then pour it on my vegetables as I don't use all the sauce in one sitting. To get started you will need the following:

  1. White onions
  2. Peppers [Green, red, yellow - all the colors you can find] (as much as your taste buds will allow)
  3. Pimento
  4. White Vinegar

Now the reason I did not give measurements, is because the amount of sauce made, is really dependent on how much fish you have/will fry. For the pickled version, I boil my vinegar and pimento for at least 15 minutes, then pour over my vegetables.

With Easter around the corner, I am sure you will be making plans to have some escovitch fish. So why not go ahead and start preparing your sauce, the longer it sits, the better it becomes.

Happy Cooking!

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Wow, that looks amazing :)

10.02.2020 02:03

@dmilliz yes man. I was surprised too. And the good thing about the pickle style is that you can keep as long as you like. Give it a try!

10.02.2020 11:05

I second that @kimberlylane ;-)

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11.02.2020 00:33

I did not know Escobeach sauce was so easy. Yes I use to say beach to, I think I may go back to it LOL. Very good photos and easily digestible post hehehe.

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10.02.2020 02:46

@missaj I have never had escovitch chicken before. I am not convinced yet!

10.02.2020 11:06

Come on foodie. Where is the spirit of adventure? 😋

10.02.2020 11:12

This is good stuff foodie! Very good on fish , not bad on chicken.

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10.02.2020 06:08


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10.02.2020 14:44

living close to the Bay means FRESH FISH.. nothing better - truly

This meal looks quite appetizing and I hope to try "stacie's famous eats" one day

Soon Come :-)


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11.02.2020 00:32

Right! Fresh fish all the time. I guess this is why I don’t go crazy for fish here in the states. Bc nothing compares to some good ole snapper and sprat! I was not a fan of the parrot fish

11.02.2020 03:10

11.02.2020 16:14