The Road to 50K Steem Power | Spud4Steem | Steemit Njangi Beneficiary Post


Using Steemit Njangi to SPUD4Steem

Two weeks ago, @steem-cameroon started the Steemit Njangi, a socio-economic activity that aims at supporting Cameroonian steemians to thrive on Steem as well as with their economic or social endeavors.

So far, the results from the Njangi have been amazing: When @yeesja benefited from the Njangi worth 33SBD, he powered up his account with 10SBD (approx 78 Steem) and used the remainder to invest in his business.
Like @yeesja, @njiatanga was the second beneficiary of Steemit Njangi and he powered up his account with 8SBD (approx 68Steem) and then used the remainder to support the Steemit Literacy center.

You can learn more about how @yeesja spent his Steemit Njangi here:
You can learn more about how @njiatanga spent his Steemit Njangi here:

The following Steemians are members of Steemit Njangi:

  1. @njiatanga (Benefited)
  2. @yeesja (Benefited)
  3. @thegreens (To benefit tomorrow)
  4. @joelmanas
  5. @joelmanas
  6. @peacemakers
  7. @saxopedia
  8. @fombae
  9. @mr-greens
  11. @verlonji

Today, @thegreens is the 3rd beneficiary of Steemit Njangi and we are going to be using our Njangi to #SPUD4STEEM.

30 SBD to SPUD4Steem!

sp pOWER.jpeg

We are powering up by 30SBD because we are moving towards our goal of 50k SP by December 2021.
Tomorrow is going to be a very special day for @thegreens because tomorrow also marks the beginning of the #NoPowerDown for a minimum of 2 years renewable.
It’s also going to be the first day of our power-up project and @thegreens’ SP target for May 2021 is +5k SP.

By the end of May, we will hit over 5k SP and you can learn more about how we will realize our goal here;

Thanks for support us and all post rewards will be used to power-up @thegreens account.

Wallet before ###SPUD4STEEM

Spud before Power Up.jpg


@thegreens has applied to become Steemit Country Representative for Cameroon:

Steemit Njangi.jpg

You can learn more about Steemit Njangi here:


Mr. Green Footer.jpg

Mr. Green is Founder/Executive Director of;

The Greens Fyooter.jpg

Comments 4

Hello @thegreens

I do not know if i should say you are gifted with ideas, or what choice of word to really use. Indeed i will really say kudos to all the efforts in raising #steem-cameroon.

Always hoping for better.

30.04.2021 22:25

Thanks and together we will build a better Steem Cameroon

01.05.2021 18:34

@thegreens your steps make some of us step up our game on Steemit. As you rightly said yesterday at the seminar, operation NO powerdown. @yeesja is strongly behind you and prays you to be considered as Steeming representative for Cameroon. Your understanding of Steemit is compared to non in Cameroon for now. you are the head we need to move and I wish you the best is your road map to 50k. i deh you back strong strong bro.

01.05.2021 04:56

50k SP for juicy upvotes and support for all. I am doing this for #Steem and for us!

01.05.2021 18:30