The Greens' Steemit Bank Weekly Report | cheap, rapid and reliable Steem exchange services/loans for Cameroonian steemians

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The Greens Steem Bank Week 01 Report

A week ago, we launched The Greens Steemit Bank, a local steem exchange service to ease Cameroonian steemians' Steem to BTC to CFAF (Local currency) transactions as well as reduce the cost of the transactions by 25%.

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You can learn more about The Greens' Steemit Bank here;

Today we bring a simple report of our activities of the week wherein;

  1. we initiated 03 Bank withdrawals this week. @blaisebass1, @verlonji and @yeesja can attest to the cheap, rapid and reliable Steem exchange services we offer.
  2. Issued a 100 Steem loan. The loan was urgent and important since the steemian who contracted the loan had an emergency. We are still working on the loan formalities that will tackle issues such as surety, interest rate, duration of repayment, etc.
    Once we finalize with the formalities, our banking processes will be made more transparent since Steemians will apply for loans via a post.
    So far, we've been able to make profit of approximately 40 Steem.


    The Greens' Steemit Bank Agreed to use 25% of her profits to #SPUD4STEEM. As such, we will be powering up by 10 steem as can be seen in the images below;

    Before the Profits #SPUD4STEEM


    After the Profits #SPUD4STEEM


    Steemit Njangi

    20 Steem (approx 3SBD) has been used to play @thegreens njangi to @joelmanas who is this week's weekly njangi beneficiary

    Bank Reinvestment

    10 Steem will be reinvested into the bank capital.

Bank Future Plans

This week, the bank will launch her first contest and will reward all Cameroonian Steemians who #SPUD4STEEM on Sunday 16th May 2021 with 01 Steem each. The contest will be announced on Monday.

The Greens' Steemit Bank will also commence giving SBD/Steem updates from Monday next week. Stay tuned!

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The Greens is a grassroots environmental organization that strives to educate, inspire and engage young people to take action to combat climate change and be at the forefront of biodiversity conservation and waste management.
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This is a very great initiative, the bank's services are great and very fast.

12.05.2021 10:21