The Biodiversity Challenge | A contest to commemorate the International Day for Biological Diversity

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In a bid to commemorate this year's International Day for Biological Diversity, @thegreens is organizing the Biodiversity Challenge, a 03 Days Challenge aimed at raising awareness about role and importance of biodiversity.


Commemorated under the theme we're part of the solution #ForNature, this year's International Day for Biological Diversity will be celebrated on the 22/05/2021 and invites people around the globe to take action to care for nature.
This explains why @thegreens is organizing this contest; to challenge steemians to talk about and care for nature.

Contest Rules and Prizes

From now till the 27th of May 2021, we are asking Steemians around the globe to engage in a three days Challenge that will require them to do the following tasks;

Day1. Favorite Plant Challenge

Write the date on a piece of paper, put it besides your favorite plant and take a picture of the favorite plant showing the date. Make a post telling us why the plant is your favorite. Your favorite plant could be a tree or flowers or grass or just any plant of your choice.

All participants of the Favorite Plant Challenge will receive 01 Steem each while the best three entries will receive 03 Steem each

Day 2: A Time in Nature Challenge

Make a post about one of the following topices;

  1. A time you spent in nature. The time could be about a walk, hike or night in nature
  2. How is the biodiversity around you being destroyed and what can you do fix it?

You must have participated in Day 1 of the challenge before you can participate in Day 2 of the Challenge.
All participants will receive 01 Steem each while the best three entries will receive 02 Steem each

Day 3: Act for Nature Challenge

Do something for nature. We want you to organize a anti-litter campaign litter, or an educational talk, or plant a tree, or a clean-up, or engage in any action that can contribute to care for nature. Remember to write the date and feature it in one of your pictures while you engage in the activity.

You must have participated in Day 1 and Day 2 of the Challenge to be eligible to participate in Day 3 of the Challenge.
All participants will receive 01 Steem while the best three entries will receive 05 steem each and upvotes from @steemcurator04 or @booming plus upvotes from all the country representatives.

NB: The 03 Days must not be consecutive days. They can be any 03 Days within the contest duration (20 - 27/05/2021)

You can learn more about the International Day for Biological Diversity here;


In a bid to promote environmentalism on the Steem blockchain, @thegreens will be in the days ahead be launching a series of environmental contests as well as the Steem Environmental club on the Steem block chain. The principal goal of the contests and Steem Environmental Club are to raise awareness about local and global environmental issues, as well as educate, inspire and engage Steemians around the globe to take positive environmental actions that will contribute in building a thriving, just and sustainable planet.

After the World Water Day Contest and Earth Day Contest, we realized we could do more to raise awareness and inspire environmental action. As such, we will be organizing the following environmental contests on Steemit;

1. The International Environmental Days' Contests

These contests are aimed at raising awareness about global international days and inspiring Steemians to take action to commemorate these days. Below is a calendar of some international environmental days that we will like to celebrate on Steem and we will giving out gigantic prizes to Steemians who take part in the commemoration of these environmental days.

  1. World Environment Day June 5
  2. World Food Safety Day June 7
  3. World Oceans Day June 8
  4. World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought June 17
  5. International Plastic Bag Free Day July 3
  6. International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer September 17
  7. World Water Monitoring Day September 18
  8. Car Free Day September 22
  9. World Tourism Day September 27
  10. World Habitat Day October 3
  11. International Day for Natural Disaster Reduction October 12
  12. World Food Day October 16
  13. World Cities Day October 31
  14. International Day for Prevention of the Exploitation of the Environment in Armed Conflicts November 6
  15. World Soil Day December 5
  16. International Mountains Day December 11

We shall continue to scout other environmental days to add to this list so that we can promote environmentalism on steem.

2. The Steemit Trees Contests

This contest is aimed at using Steem to plant trees around the globe. More details coming at the time of its launch.

3. The Green Deeds Contests

This contest is aimed at recognizing and rewarding any ecofriendly activities of Steemians around the globe

As such, we will be launching these 3 amazing contests aimed at promoting environmentalism on the Steem blockchain in the days ahead.

Steem Environmental Club

We are also working on a blueprint for the Steem Environmental Club. There are lots of Steemians around the globe who are passionate about environmental issues; its time for us to come together, support each other and color Steem green. In a fortnight, we will be launching the Steemit Environmental Club and can't wait to have Steemians to come together to color Steem green.

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The Greens is a grassroots environmental organization that strives to educate, inspire and engage young people to take action to combat climate change and be at the forefront of biodiversity conservation and waste management.
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Waouh!!! I enjoy this contest. I really didn't know of all these dates concerning nature. I'll do as much as I can to participate in these tasks

20.05.2021 14:14

Glad that that through Steemit, we are sharing vital information and looking forward to your entries for the contest.

21.05.2021 06:58

I just saw this, comment on the post itself bro not on my comment

24.05.2021 15:03

I am ready to participate in this contest

20.05.2021 14:17

Looking forward to your entries.

21.05.2021 06:59

So interesting ....As long as in nature protection i am in

20.05.2021 14:22

Thanks for these wise words and for pledging to continue to serve nature.
It’s our responsibility!

21.05.2021 07:00

You are welcome and thanks @thegreens .We owe nature and unfortunatrly nature owes us nothing....

21.05.2021 07:33

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26.05.2021 08:14

All these just came in time and is very much in mine with what I do in school, Environmental Engineering. I must definitely do this contest

20.05.2021 20:29

Can’t wait to see how you will put knowledge to practice. Anxiously waiting for your entry

21.05.2021 06:59

Thank you for letting me know of this dates. The contest is really a good one and so in love with nature

20.05.2021 21:03

Can’t wait to read about your love for nature.

21.05.2021 07:01

Greatings and hope you are doing great, here is my entry post for day 1

21.05.2021 10:01

Entry received and noted

25.05.2021 20:34

Hello greetings here is my entry post of day 1 chanllenge on biodiversity

21.05.2021 13:56

Awesome and will review shortly

25.05.2021 20:34

Good day and hope you are doing great, here is my entry post for day 2 of the biodiversity challenge.

24.05.2021 10:41

The contest is really interesting, hope I can get time out of my busy work schedule to participate in it. I can't wait to win so I can increase my crypto portfolio on my truly non-custodial application. I can easily swap different cryptos using the built-in exchange feature.

24.05.2021 16:19

The 2021 theme for International Day for Biological Diversity is “We're part of the solution”.....
Let's be together 🌱🌏

24.05.2021 23:02

Its good to be involved on this, thank you for this thegreens

25.05.2021 05:35

can't agree more

25.05.2021 08:19
25.05.2021 19:20

Es grandioso lo que hacen, cuidar y proteger nuestra naturaleza y sobre todo dar a conocer del tema. Saludos

25.05.2021 21:47

children_learn-by-doing_in_forest_regeneration_with_bee_loving_trees_.webpMy father and kids Celebratingg world biodiversit day 2021 in the Oku kilum ijim forest in the North West Region of Cameroon 🇨🇲.

biodiversity #nature #cameroon

25.05.2021 22:53

This picture speaks a thousand words! I love it

28.05.2021 17:37

Really interesting article! Thanks for sharing :)

26.05.2021 00:41

Nature in my view

26.05.2021 03:46


26.05.2021 03:49

nature have always been our best friend but we keep on letting her down and she is left with no option thats why we cry now.
we all have to show her some love for our sake.

26.05.2021 04:17

Nice post

26.05.2021 05:08

Я из России! Очень люблю Природу и стараюсь сохранить ее. Могу я принять участие в ваших конкурсах и писать посты на русском языке? Спасибо за ответ!

27.05.2021 06:12

Am glad to have been part of this 3days challenge and here is my day 3 entry post

27.05.2021 16:30

nice post

28.05.2021 16:34

Thank you all for participating in the Biodiversity Challenge in a bid to commemorate the international day for Biological Diversity.
I am sorry my reviews are coming back late because i encountered some health challenges. However, i am feeling a bit better and just wish to promise you all that i will make it up to you all with the upcoming contest.
Prizes will be awarded as soon as the report is published.
Will be launching World Environment Day contest tomorrow and i look forward to your participation.
Thanks for your understanding


28.05.2021 17:37

I think these are great initiative to provoke young lot to work for safety of biodiversity. It is essential for our sutainabilty.

30.05.2021 08:05

I wish everyone would have love to nature like this! Wish you all good 👍

30.05.2021 19:46