Program of Activities for the 2020 Global Recycling Day in the North West Region of Cameroon | #RecyclingHeroes

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Green greetings Steemians,
@thegreens in partnership with the Regional Delegation of Environment, Protection of Nature and Sustainable Development for the North West Region of Cameroon will be commemorating the 2020 Global Recycling Day in the North West Region as follows;

1. Monday 16, March 2020
  • Social Media sensitization
  • Plastic Bottles and Tire Recycling Training with Earth Rangers at Teken, Quarter Mile 4 Nkwen Bamenda
  • Recycling Art
    2. Tuesday 17, March 2020
  • Social Media Sensitization
  • Textile Recyclung Training at ecoDesigns, Foncha Street Nkwen Bamenda
    3. Wednesday 18, March 2020
  • Global Recycling Day
  • Radio talk with Cameroon Radio Television (CRTV)

What are your plans for the 2020 Global Recycling Day?

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