Earth Rangers learn about Plastic Pollution and Lead the Change

Earth Rangers Program


Today was another exciting day for the Earth Rangers as we had an awe-mazing session learning about plastic pollution as well as nursing trees.
At 12 noon the environmental beauties arrived at the UPB Tree Nursery site where we collect and process plastic bottles into tree nursery pots known as UPB Tree Nursery Pots.

UPB Simply means Upcycled Plastic Bottle and this explains why we call our nursery pots UPB Tree Nursery Pots



We all were amazed with some of the pears and mango seeds we planted because they were already developing their first leaves. It inspires to see the fruit of your work and we believe the Earth Rangers’ motivation doubled after seeing these plants sprout.

We assigned roles to some Earth Rangers before we divided them into small working groups.


Earth Ranger Nelvis

Earth Ranger Nelvis was assigned to be our Safety Officer for the day. His duty was to make sure the working environment is safe and that we work in safety. This great guy moved around removed all the nails and dangerous objects from the site as well as monitored as the Earth Rangers worked to ensure that safety was at optimum


Earth Ranger Naomi

Earth Ranger Naomi was assigned to be our Hygiene and Sanitation Officer for the day. She made sure there was water, soap and everything we needed to keep our hands clean after the work. She also ensured we maintained a certain standard of hygiene and sanitation during our work.

Hand washing after work


Earth Ranger Beata

Earth Ranger Beata was assigned to serve as our General Coordinator of the day and she managed the kids who went for the litter pick up as well as ensured that the activities of the day happened hitch free.

The Earth Rangers worked today in three groups.
The Nursery Group nursed the seeds that were brought today as well as arranged the UPB Tree Nursery Pots in the Nursery.




The Soil Group made sure we had enough soil to fill our UPB Tree Nursery Pots as well as filled the pots with soil.


The Litter Pick-up Group went around the community to pick-up all the thrash on the street.


When we finished the amazing work, all the teams converged for hand washing and then assist @mr-greens to do his Day 50 of the #seven77 Challenge. #### You can enjoy the challenge here;
The #seven77 challenge was followed by a lesson on plastic pollution during which we learned and shared experiences about plastic pollution, its causes and effects and some tips on how we can #StopPlasticPollution.
This was followed by a cooperative game and then closing for the day. On Thursday 18th July, we meet again to celebrate madiba.


The Greens is a grassroots environmental organization that strives to educate, inspire and engage young people to take action to combat climate change and be at the forefront of biodiversity conservation and waste management.

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@thegreens is currently engaged in Waste Management (Waste Business Hub); Plastic Waste Upcycling, Tire Upcycling and Textile Waste Recycling via @ecodesigns.
Her #EndPlasticPollution Campaign has seen the organization sensitize more than 100,000 people about plastic pollution, upcycled more than 10,000 plastic bottles to create UPB Vertical Gardens, UPB Tree Nursery Pots, etc.

Her Textile Recycling Project (@ecodesigns) is currently training 13 young girls for free in textile recycling and fashion designing and has recycled more than 5000 pounds of textile waste.

Her Tire Upcycling Project is educating and engaging young people in schools and communities to #StopBurningTires and upcycle them to create Mushroom Tire Seats, Tire Flower Pots, etc

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Pure awesomeness! Go Earth Rangers!

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LOVE the way the little Earth Rangers had their own areas of responsibility! Super cool to see them learning about nurturing trees while they're upcycling the plastic. So much goodness going on here!! Well done.

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