Cameroon Steemit Country Representative's Message to Steemians


Steem greetings,
It's with great joy and a thankful heart that I send out this message of acceptance of my role as Steemit Country Representative for Cameroon.
Two days ago, @steemitblog announced the new Country Representatives with me, being selected as Country Representative for Cameroon: Permit me use this opportunity to congratulate the other Country Representatives but most importantly say thank you to all the steemians who endorsed our application to become Country Representatives. A big thank you to the Steemit Team for trusting and believing in us and I want to assure you that, we are going to steem up the world.

In a special way, i want to thank the Cameroon Steemit Team @saxopedia, @njiatanga and @fombae who thought it was time for their mentor to join the team Steem up Cameroon.
I want to assure @saxopedia and @njiatanga who are also Country Representatives for Cameroon that together, we will build a better, vibrant and very supportive @steem-cameroon. We've already come a long way but we have the longer and brighter way ahead of us and i believe together, we will get there sooner than we expect.

To my fellow Cameroonian Steemians, @thegreens has been on Steemit since June 2017 and is one of the active Steem pioneers. I want to assure you that the future of @steem-cameroon is very bright. Permit me use this opportunity to remind you of some of the beautiful plans/opportunities I have for you;

1. The Greens' 50K SP Power Up Project

I currently have a target to hit 50k SP by the end of December 2021. I am powering up because I want to able to serve you better with juicy upvotes.
WhatsApp Image 2021-05-01 at 22.34.36.jpeg

2. The Greens' Steem Bank

The Greens' Steem Bank has been created by me to ease Cameroonian steemians' Steem to BTC to CFAF (Local currency) transactions as well as reduce the cost of the transactions by 20 -25%. @verlonji, @peacemakers, and a handful of Steemians can endorse that our services are cheap, rapid, reliable and rewarding. You can learn more about the bank here:
WhatsApp Image 2021-05-01 at 11.21.39.jpeg
The Greens' Steem Bank is now offering loans to Cameroonian Steemians. You can learn more about our loans services here:
Meanwhile the bank is also supporting Cameroonian Steemians who are powering up via The Greens Steem Bank Power Up Challenge:

3. Contests

WhatsApp Image 2021-05-11 at 11.06.20.jpeg
I currently have two ongoing contests for Cameroonian Steemians.
The Creative Writing Contest:
The Greens Steem Bank Power Up Challenge:
These contests will continue to run for Cameroonian Steemians along side @steem-cameroon contests such as The Diary Game, Best Day of the Week Contest and Kamer Steem Promo Contest.
As part of my Steem Environmental Contests Program, I will be launching the 5 Days Biodiversity Challenge Contests in a bid to commemorate the international day of Biological Diversity on the 22nd of May 2021 as well as launch the Steem Environmental Club on World Environment Day which will be celebrated on the 05th of June 2021. Also coming up are the Green Deeds Contest, and the Steemit Trees Project (a global initiative that strives to use Steem to plant trees around the world).
I want to assure Cameroonian Steemians and Steemians around the world that i bring a lot of Steem opportunities as Country Representative.

4. Steem Cameroon

We (@saxopedia, @njiatanga, @fombae and I), already have a lot of plans for @steem-cameroon. We look forward to powering up the @steem-cameroon account to 100k SP by 2023, starting Steem Njangi, organizing more contests to add to the Diary Game, Best Day of the Week and Kamer Steem Promo Contests as well as recruiting, retaining and rewarding over one million Cameroonian Steemians. This time around, we will be organizing a series of webinars to further educate and empower Cameroonian Steemians.

5. My over 4 years steem knowledge and experience are very available to share meanwhile i look forward to collaborating with all Cameroonian Steemians to build a more vibrant and supportive @steem-cameroon. Be sure to always get deep, constructive and inspiring feedback whenever i stop by your blog because i will stop by all Cameroonian Steem blogs every week.

Dear Steemians, the Steem Cameroon Team and I have a lot of plans for you and we want you all to get ready because we are moving Steem Cameroon to another level.

Thanks once more for giving me this opportunity to serve you.




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The Greens is a grassroots environmental organization that strives to educate, inspire and engage young people to take action to combat climate change and be at the forefront of biodiversity conservation and waste management.
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Congratulations once again.
Introducing me to the steemit platform was an opportunity you gave to me. Timing of being County Representative is late, but it better late than never. You are finally there, i pledged you my support to build steem Cameroon with the other CR @njiatanga and @saxopedia

16.05.2021 11:42

Thanks very much Mr Bull. Together we will move Steem Cameroon to another level

21.05.2021 07:16

Hello Sir
I'm new on the STEEMIT platform . Congratulations sir and may God richly bless you for the great work you are doing on this platform sir.
This opportunity you've created will help so many like me to as a newbie.

16.05.2021 12:25

Thanks very much and we are already working on more opportunities for newbies. The Steemit Newbies Encouragement Program (SNEP) will be launched any of these days.

21.05.2021 07:18

Please how can I do to join the whatsapp group for the cameroun steemian

23.05.2021 16:52

Get in touch with me 676243136 via WhatsApp only

24.05.2021 05:03

Thanks sir

24.05.2021 07:04


16.05.2021 17:03

Thanks πŸ™

21.05.2021 07:18

good luck with your new role on steemit platform
wish all the best for you

16.05.2021 18:47

Thanks Arie!

21.05.2021 07:18

Congrats Mr Green for this beautiful new level. It's timely and great at the same time and the goals you set are just very challenging for other steemians like me😁.
Thanks fir always bringing up contests to bring out something from us like #KamerSteemPromoContest #creativewriting contest and many others you are planning to bring forth.

An aside, those picts show that you are or were in Dschang πŸ˜• and small me like this didn't know. Steemon and congrats again boss.

affable #twopercent #cameroon

16.05.2021 21:42

A man from Dschang who knows all the corners of Dschang lol πŸ˜‚. Yes, took pics in Dschang but didn’t know at that time you were based in Dschang.
Thanks for the words of encouragement and support and more opportunities loading

21.05.2021 07:20

Ahhh ok ok I see now. Hihihi that's cool

21.05.2021 08:58

Congratulations once more @thegreens. I believe the future is brighter with an encourager like you.

18.05.2021 02:54

The future is bright, the future is steem. Thanks πŸ™

21.05.2021 07:20

You said it all the @thegreens

21.05.2021 07:39

Congratulations, I wish you all the best as u begin this journey as country rep. May the good lord guard and bless your efforts as you lead us through

18.05.2021 16:43
0 is my link for my post

19.05.2021 10:40


21.05.2021 07:23

Amen πŸ™! Thanks for the prayers and words of encouragement and support. Together, we will achieve sooner than we think.

21.05.2021 07:22

Congratulations on your new post...
We striving for the best ✊🏽

22.05.2021 18:33