Cameroon Country Representative's Weekly Report | The Challenges of Cameroonian Steemians and proposed solutions by @thegreens

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The Challenges of Cameroonian Steemians

Over a week ago, I was appointed to serve Steemit Country Representative for Cameroon alongside @saxopedia and @njiatanga:

We have huge plans for @steem-cameroon and I am happy that prior to my appointment as Country Representative, I had been working extremely hard to recruit, retain and reward Cameroonian Steemians.
As Country Representative, I made a lot of promises to Cameroonian steemians as you can read in my CR acceptance message:
I am happy already realizing a lot of my promises and will share some of my great realizations at the end of this weekly report which focuses on the challenges Cameroonian Steemians face.

After going through the blogs of most Cameroon steemians for the week, I realized the following challenges;

  1. Most of the Cameroonian steemians don’t know how and where to find free high quality images to use for their blogs.
  2. Most Cameroonian steemians write very good posts but tag it wrongly
  3. Poor titling of good quality posts is common among Cameroonian steemians
  4. Writing without proof reading is very common. It’s very common to find too many spelling and language errors in the blog posts of most Cameroonian steemians
  5. There are a lot of Cameroonian steemians whose achievement posts have not been verified
  6. We have a huge influx of new Cameroonian steemians joining the platform but who aren’t members of @steem-cameroon community nor part of the @steem-cameroon WhatsApp group.
  7. A lot of newbies easily give up because of lack of content and very high competition with old steemians during contests. It’s very normal for a newbie to receive almost no rewards if he or she was participating in a contest that involved old steemians.
  8. Newbies don’t power up or delegate SP or follow curation trails because they are ignorant about a lot of steem initiatives.
  9. There are very few local contests organized by @steem-cameroon
  10. Cameroonian steemians aren’t giving newbies the welcome and support they deserve.

These are some of the challenges I gathered during my first week as Country Representative for Cameroon and below are some proposed solutions to tackle the challenges.

  1. I Will make a post on how and where to find high quality and free images that Steemians can use for their blog posts
  2. We will organize a webinar next week on tagging and post titling. Besides next week's webinar, we plan to organize weekly webinars on different topics such as creative writing, steemit goals, curation trails, benefits of powering up, etc that will educate and inspire Cameroonian steemians to write high quality posts.
  3. So far, we have just @saxopedia who is in charge of verifying achievement posts. I will use this week to learn and then effectively take up the role with the Steem Greeters’ project so that together with @saxopedia, we can be able to do more. I am also recommending that @fombae and @njiatanga should take up roles so that together with @saxopedia, we can respond to steemians’ posts before they expire.
  4. I will make a post to sensitize Cameroonian steemians to join the @steem-cameroon community as well as encourage all steemians who are recruiting newbies to please forward their contacts for them to be added to the WhatsApp Group. I am also proposing that more Admins be made to the Steem Cameroon WhatsApp Group so that steemians who are recruiting newbies can easily add them to the group.
  5. @njiatanga and I started to talk about the Steemit Newbies Encouragement Program (SNEP) and he tasked himself to put something down. In a bid to reduce competition between newbies and advanced steemians, I am proposing that via the Steemit Newbies Encouragement Program we will be creating contests that are specific only to Newbies. Besides the contests, we were also thinking of offering them special encouragement rewards such as:
    If a newbie writes 5 amazing posts per week, we will give them 2 steem just for being creative and consistent. We will have a meeting this week together with @saxopedia and @fombae to further develop this idea.
  6. @Steem-cameroon currently has just 02 contests; the Best Day of the Week and Kamer Steem Promo Contests. I believe if we organize more local contests, it will make our community more vibrant, creative and rewarding. I will hold a meeting together with @saxopedia, @fombae and @njiatanga for us to brainstorm about adding a few more contests.
  7. @saxopedia, @njiatanga, @fombae and I will have a talk with Cameroonian steemians about the issue of welcoming newbies and set new rules that will guide us with respect to welcoming newbies so that they can get the love and support they need.
    These are few proposals to deal with the challenges raised above.

@steem-cameroon's Achievements

The week has been a very great week for @steem-cameroon as we have registered over 20 newbies to the @steem-cameroon WhatsApp group and have been able to encourage over 30 steemians to delegate SP to the community account. We now have over 5000 SP delegated to the community account. Bravo to the community members and we look forward to having more delegations in the coming weeks.
The Best day of the week contest as well as the Kamer Steem Promo Contest are on with an encouraging number of entries.

Steemit Njangi.jpg

We launched the Cameroon Steemit Njangi, an initiative via which we look forward to powering up the @steem-cameroon account to 100k SP in less than two years. You can learn more about the initiative here:
Meanwhile, the first beneficiary of our Njangi is @chant and you can learn what she plans to do with the 26SBD she is going to get from the Njangi:

Country Representative's Achievements

I launched three contests for Cameroonian steemians this week. The Creative writing contests, The Power Up Challenge and the Biodiversity Challenge.

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This week’s Creative Writing contest has registered over 12 entries meanwhile the Power Up Challenge recorded over 18 Steemians who powered up.
You can learn more and support the Creative Writing Contests here:

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The Biodiveristy Challenge is still ongoing and has already recorded 06 entries. You can learn more about the challenge here:

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Meanwhile you can read this week’s Power Up Challenge report here;
The next Power Up Challenge has been launched and it shall be on the 1st of June when we all #SPUD4STEEM.

Next week’s creative writing contest will be launched tomorrow.

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The Greens’ Steem Bank has also been opened to ease Cameroonian steemians transactions. You can read the bank’s first weekly report here:

Meanwhile the bank didn’t do any transactions this week due to the falling price of Steem. However, the bank has opened up her loans department as you can read here;


This week, @thegreens powered up 600SP as she walks towards her road to 50K SP by December 2021.
You can learn more about the Power up here:
While I wait for my delegation to keep supporting Cameroonian steemians, I remain your humble servant. Looking forward to addressing all the aforementioned challenges next week.


cc: steemcurator01@steemitblog
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The Greens is a grassroots environmental organization that strives to educate, inspire and engage young people to take action to combat climate change and be at the forefront of biodiversity conservation and waste management.
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Steemit Newbies Encouragement Program (SNEP)

This is a great initiative to help place the newbies in a comfortable position on the steemit platform. It not that easy competing with old steemians, i can remember my days in july 2020, when i join the platform. It took a alot to stay on, and another thing adding to the proof of reading is that they rush to post. I have been in that position, as the days are passing i can say i been getting more better and better on the platform. I think time will heal.

Great critical report, touching eventually every aspect that @steem-cameroon is goin through. Better days ahead for @steem-cameroon. Im alway ready to sever the community and the steemit platform.


23.05.2021 20:59

Sounds like a very busy start as a Country Rep !

Thank you

23.05.2021 22:38

Yes, I am still groping in my duties as a country representative indonesia and greeter in the newcomer community. Please give instructions in this assignment

24.05.2021 03:09

Hi @thegreens congrats on appointment as CR for Cameroon. In regards to the issues that you pointing out in this post such as these:

There are a lot of Cameroonian steemians whose achievement posts have not been verified

We have appointed a team of Greeter Helper to help us with verifying Achievement 2-6 but for Achievement 1 or their Introduction post, we still need the Country Reps from these countries to verify the users to lessen the multiple accounts creation by 1 person. I hope that @saxopedia and @njiatanga been doing their part in verifying Achievement1 and compilation tasks of users coming from Cameroon, and it is good to have you on Steem Greeters too for this particular task.

A lot of newbies easily give up because of lack of content and very high competition with old steemians during contests. It’s very normal for a newbie to receive almost no rewards if he or she was participating in a contest that involved old steemians.

as for this, I will take note of this and advise Steemit Nursery Team to give priority to newcomers whenever they select winners for the contest that they organize for newcomers and existing users at Steemit Nursery community. I think it should be out of 5 winners, 4 should be newcomers.

Thank you for your keen observations and feedback, it helps in improving the performance of Steem Greeters team too as our function is to accommodate all Newcomers of Steemit.

25.05.2021 08:14