3SBD Steemit Njangi Beneficiary Post | 100% Power Up


Steem greetings,
A few weeks ago, 10 Steemians and I started the pioneer edition of the Steemit Njangi. The Steemit Njangi is a socio-economic steem empowerment scheme wherein Steemit Njangi Members contribute 3SBD weekly and hand to one beneficiary who then uses 25% of the Njangi funds to power up his account and then the remaining 75% of the funds for personal use.
It is inspired by the African Njangi System which is the backbone of the most African financial systems.
You can learn more about Steemit Njangi via @steem-cameroon’s Njangi/100K shares program post: https://goldvoice.club/steem/@steem-cameroon/3daxzl-the-cameroon-steemit-njangi-a-steem-program-to-retain-reward-steemians-and-power-up-steem-cameroon-to-100k-sp

It’s thanks to the success of the pioneer 3SBD Steemit Njangi that we started the Cameroon Steemit Njangi/100K Shares Program.
The 3SBD Njangi has 11 members;

  1. @njiatanga
  2. @verlonji
  3. @mr-greens
  4. @joelmanas
  5. @yeesja
  6. @peacemakers
  7. @thegreens
  8. @nforyembe
  9. @fombae
  10. @saxopedia
  11. @yems.group

The first 6 members on the list have already benefited with @peacemakers being the most recent beneficiary: https://goldvoice.club/steem/@peacemakers/cameroon-steemit-njangi-beneficiary-post-22-05-2021

On Sunday 30rh May 2021, @thegreens will be the beneficiary of the 3SBD Njangi, hence the need for this Njangi Beneficiary Post.
@thegreens will also be the beneficiary of the Cameroon Steemit Njangi.

As already mentioned, the Njangi requires that 25% of the Njangi funds be used to power up the beneficiary steemian’s account and the remainder for personal or business use.

@thegreens will however be using 100% of the Njangi funds to power up her account as part of her goal to get to 50K SP in December 2021.

3SBD Steemit Njangi to #SPUD4Steem and enter The Power Up Challenge

A week ago, @thegreens powered up 600Steem and shall continue to power up her account till December 2021.
On Tuesday 1st of June 2021, @thegreens will participate in the Spud4steem Challenge by powering up over 500 Steem.


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The Greens is a grassroots environmental organization that strives to educate, inspire and engage young people to take action to combat climate change and be at the forefront of biodiversity conservation and waste management.
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As usual... @thegreens your #steemit plans are always as inspiring as one can get. Thank you and keep it up...


28.05.2021 07:45


28.05.2021 10:51

when you move foot i puttam. hahahaha
this power-up thing man go die here.

i wish you the best @thegreens.

28.05.2021 07:49

Thanks and keep powering up!

28.05.2021 10:52

As the name goes, @thegreens the great steemit from Cameroon. You ways and ideas are so inspiring to emulate. An initiative of 100% power up from you is worthy example to make steem grow sustainably. We hope to do more as far as steemit is concern in Camerron

29.05.2021 10:39

Powering at 100% is alot of sacrifice you doing to accomplish the 50k SP target. I have learned from this your gesture, will definitely power up when it will be my turn .

29.05.2021 23:25